Cyclones hockey game #13!

Once again, we made the short jaunt down to US Bank Arena to watch our Cyclones take on the Reading Royals this evening…
It was Pink the Rink night at US Bank Arena, the annual breast cancer awareness game to benefit The Pink Ribbon Girls. The ice had a slight pink tint to it, and ‘Clones wore special jerseys with pink highlights that would be auctioned off after the match.
1-0 Cyclones!
At the end of the first period, it was 1-0 Cyclones…
At the end of the second, the Reading Royals had taken a 2-1 lead…
And the game all kinda went downhill in the third…
The game ended 5-1 Reading. Maybe the Cyclones will do better this Wednesday when they take on those KWings again. :/ We found out the Cyclones have had 22 home games at US Bank Arena so far this season. And we’ve been to 13 of them! Win or lose, we love our Cyclones hockey! 🙂

Burns Night at Nicholson’s.

We ventured over to Nicholson’s on a cold Monday evening…
Tonight was Nicholson’s favorite celebrations of the year, Burns Night They were honoring Robert Burns, one of the most famous Scottish poets and lyricists in history. Burns composed hundreds of songs, poems and letters over a 22 year period of his life. This first recorded Burns celebration was held in July 1801 on the anniversary of his death. Later, the celebration would move to the evening of the anniversary of his birth (January 25, 1759), and would go on become “Burns Night.”
There was live Scottish and Irish music with FinTan…
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout…
We tried a couple of different drinks. I tried a Black Velvet (Guinness floated over cider) and Genifer tried a Snake Bite (Harp floated over Cider). Both were really good stuff!
Fun night. Especially for a chilly Monday. 🙂

Bourbon House Pizzeria.

It was a cold and rainy day in Cincinnati. We didn’t want to walk anywhere to get a bite to eat. We were really longing to try something new and different. So today, we’re starting something new. We’re calling it Try Something New Sunday. And we’re going to be trying a new restaurant that we’ve never been to before every Sunday. What we were really craving was an amazing Chicago-style deep dish pizza. So after a quick consult of the internet, we decided to hop in the car and venture all the way out to Florence, Kentucky to check out Bourbon House Pizzeria
Bourbon House Pizzeria
It was in kind of an odd location to us. But then again, we might have taken the long way.
Bourbon House Pizzeria
With a name like Bourbon House, the inside really wasn’t what we were expecting…
Bourbon House Pizzeria
But we’re here and really hungry so let’s eat!
Bourbon House Pizzeria
We started off with some garlic knots…
Bourbon House Pizzeria
Incredibly soft and delicious. And we also got the mozzarella sticks…
Bourbon House Pizzeria
Cheesy deliciousness! You simply can’t go wrong with cheesy sticks of goodness. We ordered a medium Chicago’s Favorite pie topped with sausage, mushrooms and onions. Just look at that monster…
Bourbon House Pizzeria
It was definitely worth the drive. Terrific pie!
Bourbon House Pizzeria
We did it again. Ordered way too much food. But everything just sounded so good…
Bourbon House Pizzeria
And everything was absolutely delicious! We just boxed up the rest, and we’re pretty excited that we’re going to get to enjoy that incredible pie for a couple more meals…
Bourbon House Pizzeria
The next time we find ourselves longing for one incredible pizza a bit off the beaten path and a nice car ride, you know we’ll be heading back out to Bourbon House Pizzeria!
Really great stuff! 🙂
Bourbon House Pizza on Urbanspoon

Cyclones hockey game #11!

We walked down to US Bank Arena this evening to watch our Cyclones play host to my hometown Kalamazoo Wings…
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
At the end of the first period, the KWings had a 3-1 lead over the ‘Clones…
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
At the end of the second, it was still 3-1…
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
US Bank Arena
Oh well. You can’t win ’em all. 🙂

Currito Burrito.

We had some delicious Currito burritos for lunch today. It’s been a while since we’ve had Currito for lunch. I don’t know why we haven’t eaten at Currito in a while because those dang burritos are super delicious!
Delicious lunch @curritoburrito with @genmae5... #YUM #ChickenTeriyakiBurrito
Dang. YUM! 🙂

Cincy Domino’s.

Over on Fourth Street, a Domino’s Pizza just recently opened in Mabley Place
In what’s being dubbed as their “pizza theater,” it apparently allows customers to order from a kiosk and track carryout orders electronically through their open kitchen. Why is this noteworthy? Because Domino’s has an on-going offer from Monday through Thursday where you can get a large 3-topping pizza for $7.99. And Domino’s is pretty good stuff!

Especially when you can pick-up a pie for just $8. 🙂

I got my haircut today!

Salon Beck
Katie at Salon Beck does such an incredible job with my hair! 🙂

More lost shoes.

We saw another pair of lost shoes in downtown Cincinnati this morning…
It’s kind of crazy how many lost shoes you see around downtown.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Remembering a great man today. 🙂

Championship Sunday means pizza.

We went back over to Pi Pizzeria to get some great pie and watch the second half of the Packers vs. Seahawks NFC Championship football game. We finally got around to trying Pi’s chicken wings…
Pi Pizzeria
I love my chicken wings. And these were AMAZING! We followed those incredible wings up with Pi’s The Hill pizza pie…
Pi Pizzeria
And that was incredible too! It was just a real dang shame the Packers couldn’t be more incredible on the day and finish off those annoying Seahawks. I just plain do not care for Seattle. Not one bit. I guess sometimes it’s better to be really lucky rather than just plain good. How do you throw four interceptions and still win the game? Ridiculous. Hopefully the Patriots can dominatinate them the way they dominated the Colts. I mean, that wasn’t ever really a game. At all. And it was awesome! 🙂
On to Superb Owl 49! 🙂

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