The final OrderUp.

We tapped OrderUp tonight to get some more delicious Chicago Gyros and Dogs. Only to find out that tonight was OrderUp’s very last night. Starting tomorrow, OrderUp is joining forces with GrubHub… That’s kind of a bummer. We really liked OrderUp. But still, we enjoyed our last meal from OrderUp. Genifer had a huge Greek salad… […]

OrderUp: Chicago Gyros and Dogs.

I love me some gyros. But I don’t eat nearly enough of them, mainly because there aren’t that many gyro places around. When I ride my 17 metro bus from work home every night, it goes right by a place in Clifton called Chicago Gyros and Dogs. So it was kind of surprising that we’ve never checked them […]

OrderUp: Los Potrillos.

We had Los Potrillos delivered again from OrderUp… Sometimes you just need a really good ground beef chimichanga… YUM! We really enjoy getting Los Potrillos delivered from OrderUp. 😀🌯❤️

OrderUp: China Food.

There’s a Chinese restaurant in Clifton called China Food. We’ve driven by it a bunch of times but we’ve never actually stopped there to eat. Tonight, we were perusing OrderUp to find something to have delivered for dinner. And much to our surprise on the list of restaurants that will deliver to us, China Food. […]

OrderUp: Los Potrillos.

When we lived downtown, we used to tap OrderUp to have dinner delivered every now and then. But the delivery times kept getting longer and longer. And eventually, we gave up on OrderUp and we started using UberEats. For whatever reason, all the good restaurants we liked on UberEats gradually started disappearing to the point there are hardly […]

OrderUp: Mad Mike’s Burgers.

OrderUp was running a promotion for our building this weekend for $8 off your order. So we ordered up some burgers from Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries over across the river in Newport. We’d eaten at Mad Mike’s before, and it was really good stuff. Genifer ordered one of Mad Mike’s A Little Smaller Burgers […]


We were wiped out from our big fun weekend in Columbus. So we gave the brand new Cincinnati food delivery site, OrderUp. There are a bunch of different restaurants around Cincinnati to order from. We were in the mood for some yummy Mexican food ordered some food from Los Potrillos in Clifton…Genifer got Super Quesadilla…And […]

GrubHub: China Food.

We’ll be the first people to admit, it’s really nice when people bring you food. We’ve been known to give UberEats a tap or two. But the options with UberEats are always pretty limited. Recently, our default food delivery app became OrderUp. It had a nice variety of options and you could easily track the […]

The laziest Sunday.

We had the laziest Sunday. After the soccer game last night and the big international friendly tomorrow, we just laid around pretty much all day… We did manage to pull ourselves off the sofa long enough to order more delicious Mexican food from Los Potrillos via OrderUp… And then it was right back to laying around and watching […]

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