Carew Tower gets the All-Star Game treatment.

We went over to Fountain Square to see a 30-story image of a vintage Red Stockings player get projected onto the side of Carew Tower for the first time this evening…This brightness of the image was a little disappointing but it’s still pretty dang cool. 🙂

Checking out the WyzeCams.

We had an extra WyzeCam just laying around the house so I took it to work with me and pointed out the window at my desk so we could watch the sky over Carew Tower… It’s a pretty nice view. Good morning from downtown Cincinnati. 😀📷🏙️❤️

My first day Grey.

Today was my first day at Grey Midwest. This morning we stopped for coffee. We were joking that we should have made one of those first day of school plaques that you see people make for their kids. Thadd. First day at Grey. I’m a senior designer. Favorite color is navy. Favorite foods are spaghetti […]

My last day at Deskey.

After six years, today was my last day at Deskey. This is what my office looked like at the end of last week before I accepted the offer for my new position… And here’s what it looked like this morning… I’m going to miss being able to see Carew Tower out of my office window… […]

Downtown details.

I was running some errands around downtown Cincinnati this afternoon, and I was kind of shocked to see that the Tiffany & Co. at Vine and Fifth Streets had closed… It’s real shame. A while back the downtown TJ Maxx moved across the river to Newport. Then the downtown Macy’s closed their doors. And now […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

On our way across downtown to Redsfest, we stopped to admire some of the spectacular holiday trees around downtown. This beautiful tree was in the atrium of The Westin on Fifth Street… And of course, they chopped down yet another beautiful, huge old pine tree to stand on the Square for the next month before being discarded… […]

Reggae Wednesdays.

Tonight, we went over to Fountain Square to check out our first Reggae Wednesday of the PNC Summer Music Series…My favorite Reggae band, The Ark Band made a surprise appearance… They were the playing with Yabba Griffiths, who was all the way from Jamaica… Just Jerks: Ena’s Jerkmania food truck was on the Square serving […]

Snow squall.

It was lightly snowing outside when I got to work this morning… Genifer texted me to tell me that a sudden squall of heavy snow created whiteout conditions that just caused a 40-vehicle pile-up on I-74 near the Indiana-Ohio state line. And that the squall was just minutes away from enveloping downtown. Sure enough, minutes later, the snow […]

Back to Americano.

We went back to Americano Burger Bar tonight to try some of their wings… We got them with the house rub. And they were amazing! And of course, we had to share an Americano burger… Delicious. Definitely, one of the best burgers downtown. Hands down. On the way home, we said hello to the Carew […]

Downtown details.

On our way to Redsfest, we couldn’t help but notice that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in downtown Cincinnati. The Olympic Garage… In the lobby of the Westin… The big holiday tree on the Square… And in Carew Tower… And then after Redsfest, we got a closer look at the tree on […]