Two years ago, we were at Django Western Taco… Remember when Django used to have their chicken biscuit? That was one of my favorite things to eat ever in the whole world… Also two years ago, Oscar was hanging out on the sofa in our office being a cute head… Thanks for the memories, Timehop! 😀🦕❤️

Django Western Taco.

I’d been craving a Chicken Biscuit from Django Western Taco since well before my hip surgery. But we didn’t manage to make it to Django before the big day. It was too painful to try to walk there. And we felt silly driving to a place that is literally no more than three blocks away from […]

Django Western Taco Tuesday.

This evening we stopped to celebrate Genifer’s new position in GCB’s HR department with a bite to eat at Django Western Taco… Usually, we go with the old stand-bys. Genifer gets salsa, maybe some of their Django-style guacamole and a taco. I always go for the incredible chicken biscuit. But tonight Django threw us a curve […]

Northside Saturday.

We headed out this afternoon in Northside. We stopped to gawk at the giant maneki-neko lucky cat in the window of Chicken Lays An Egg… And then we continued on to Django Western Taco for lunch… Genifer ordered a big bowl of chicken tortilla soup with one of Django’s biscuits… And speaking of biscuits… THE CHICKEN […]

Summer Hours: Django Western Taco.

Deskey lets us work just a half-day every other Friday throughout the summer. They call them Summer Hours. And they’re pretty flippin’ awesome. Today was my first Summer Hours Friday. We didn’t plan ahead very well, and couldn’t come up with anything fun to do. So when I got home, I worked on organizing the office for […]

We found it!

This afternoon we walked down Hamilton Avenue to Django Western Taco for lunch…             After putting away another chicken biscuit with some more amazing Django chips and salsa, we walked down Blue Rock Road to Northside Yacht Club…     We heard that NSYC had the rather difficult-to-find Braxton Brewing […]

Happy birthday to me!

Today was my birthday! And we walked down to Django Western Taco for lunch… Django has some of the best salsa around… All I wanted for my birthday was the chicken biscuit from Django for lunch… It was bang on, exactly what I wanted to eat on my birthday… Afterward, we stopped for a slushie […]


We walked down to Django Western Taco for brunch again this morning… Genifer had been craving guacamole for a minute now so she just ordered some guac Django style and some chips and salsa. I had Django’s amazing chicken biscuit… It looked a bit different than the last time I had it but it was […]

Sunday brunch.

We found ourselves up and moving relatively early again, so we decided to go to out to brunch for the third Sunday in a row. We walked down Hamilton Avenue back to Django Western Taco to check out their brunch offerings… Django was offering items off both their brunch and lunch menu, which complicated matters […]

Press on Monmouth.

After dropping off Oscar at his groomers, we stopped at Press on Monmouth over in Newport for some coffee… We follow Press on Monmouth on Instagram and their stuff always looks so good… It’s so cute inside… Genifer got a latte and I got a cold brew coffee on nitro…. Genifer also got a chicken cobb salad for […]