Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was the Deskey holiday party, and this year it was held at Deskey… Musical entertainment was provided by Moonshine and Wine… And dinner was provided by Gabby’s Cafe in Wyoming… It was another very fun holiday party. 😀🎉❤️

The Deskey holiday party x Hightail.

Tonight, we hopped in an Uber and headed up into Mount Adams to Chapter for this year’s Deskey holiday party… It’s been ages since we were last in Mount Adams… For whatever reason, I always sort of dread holiday parties, But I always end up having a really good time. And this party was no exception. […]

The Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was Deskey’s holiday party at The Frock in Covington… After the party, we stopped at Braxton Brewing Company for a beer. It was a great night celebrating the holidays with some really great people. 🙂

The Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was Deskey’s holiday party at Rhinegeist in Over-the-Rhine. We walked up to Washington Park to check out December’s edition of The City Flea before the party got underway. On our way walking up to Washington Park, we were passed by the Holiday Bright Ride… It was ridiculous just how many people were at Washington Park for […]

The Deskey Holiday Party, part two.

This afternoon was The Deskey Holiday Party, part two. It was another fun beer Fridayfollowed by a White Elephant gift exchange and ugly holiday sweater contest. The most creative gift in the gift exchange was this fish bowl complete with goldfish…I walked away with this awesome bunny with a monocle made out of seashells…Onto the […]

Deskey White Elephant Potluck.

Today was our annual White Elephant Holiday party potluck at Deskey… There was a really nice spread for the Deskey holiday potluck… After lunch, it was time for the Deskey White Elephant holiday gift exchange… I drew lucky number one… I would get to open the first gift and make the very last trade to end the game. The […]

Holiday party nightcap.

After the Deskey holiday party, we stopped into The Grotto for a nightcap.Great night. 🙂

Three years ago…

Remember when the temperature hit 72º outside a few years back? That was crazy. And we had the Deskey holiday party up at Rhinegeist… We walked through the Holiday City Flea at Washington Party and then onto Rhinegeist and I remember to took me forever to stop sweating because it was so warm outside and […]


Remembering our first Christmas tree in our new house three years ago… It looked so tall when we picked it out. And four years ago, when it was so ridiculously warm for our Holiday Party at Rhinegeist… Thanks for the memories, Timehop. 😀🦕❤️

Pause for paws.

After last night’s big fun holiday party, today was pretty low-key. Oscar even took his lounging about to the next level, and made himself a new laundry basket dog bed… It was a pretty lazy day. Taken with Instagram. 🙂