Best laid plans.

We had a whole entire day of Cincinnati sports planned today. A couple of weeks ago, we bought Fioptics District tickets for today’s afternoon Reds game. And then after the Reds game, we were going to ride the Metro 17 bus up to tonight’s FC Cincinnati match. Before the Reds game, we stopped to eat […]

The final Reds game of the 2018 season.

Today was the final Reds baseball game of their 2018 season. We ducked in one of the side gates because the main gate at Crosley Terrace was just a sea of people. Everyone must have had the exact same thought as us, “Shoot, it’s the last Reds game of the season. We better go to […]

Back to Great American Ball Park.

It’s hard to believe that we’re in the final week of the 2018 Reds baseball season. It’s also really hard to believe that we only made it out to Great American Ball Park once this season. We’ve watched almost every Reds game on TV. But between my surgeries and all the FC Cincinnati soccer games, […]

Reds baseball game #1.

Our Reds are off to a historically bad start to the baseball season. Last time I looked, I think the Reds had the worst record in all of baseball at 7-22. And they were already 10 games out of first place in the NL Central. It’s pretty tough to be really enthusiastic about the Reds […]

Reds baseball game #6.

By our standards, it’s been forever since we’ve been to a Reds game. Our last Reds game was all the way back at the beginning of July. This summer it seemed like FC|C and the Reds were always on the same schedule all season. They would both be in town for the same weekend and […]

Reds baseball game #3.

We got up and moving this morning because we had tickets to this afternoon’s Reds baseball game. Easter Sunday baseball church! And it was our third Red’s game of the season so far. We got down to Great American Ball Park a little early so we could try to find our Reds All-Star Legacy brick […]

Reds baseball game #2.

Tonight, we went down to Great American Ball Park to celebrate Genifer’s birthday at our second Reds baseball game of the season… We had tickets in the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics District… GABP welcomed Bronson Arroyo back to the mound for the first time since 2014 after he had Tommy John surgery. And it was Bronson’s […]

Reds baseball game #12.

It felt like forever since we’d last been to a Reds game. It had been over a month since we were last at the ballpark. I don’t think we went a month without going to a baseball game in all the time we lived downtown. Heck, I don’t think we went a week without taking […]

Reds baseball game #4.

The last time we saw Johnny Cueto pitch at Great American Ball Park was the day we got engaged all the way back last summer in July. He got traded to the Kansas City Royals, got his ring and then was traded to the San Francisco Giants. The Giants were in town for three games […]

Reds Opening Night 2016.

Tonight was Opening Night of the 2016 season of Reds baseball. It was another cold and rainy start a Reds baseball season. But at least this game started on time unlike last year’s Opening Night.  We had about all we could stand of the rainy and the cold and the wind. The wind was the […]