Inside our 2018 Higher Gravity Beervent Calendar.

We had a lot of fun with our 2018 Higher Gravity Beervent Calendar… There were so many great beers in that big box. Click to see the photos of all the beers that were in our 2018 Higher Gravity Beervent Calendar. Cheers! 😀🍺🗓️🎄❤️

Our 2018 Higher Gravity Beervent Calendar.

This evening we stopped at Higher Gravity for a beer. We wanted to try Platform Beer Company’s Fostered Bananas Sour Berliner Weisse and Brink Brewing’s Armored Heart Coffee & Vanilla Stout… And we had to pick up our 2018 Higher Gravity Beervent Calendar… It’s like any other Advent calendars used to countdown the days of Advent in eager […]

S’mores Night at Higher Gravity.

You have to hand it to Higher Gravity. Every Thursday night, they do something really interesting. Whether it’s a rare keg or Meet the Brewery, it’s almost always something we feel like we don’t want to miss. Tonight was no exception. It was Grateful Grahams S’mores Night with Braxton Brewing’s Dark Charge Imperial Stout… It […]

Happy birthday, Higher Gravity!

When we were out running around yesterday, I stopped at Kroger a got a little sheet cake because today is Higher Gravity’s one-year anniversary! Happy birthday, HG! It seems like just yesterday that we were checking out Higher Gravity for the very first time. Over the last year, Higher Gravity has become one of our […]

Higher Gravity: Meet the Brewery.

Today was gorgeous. The sun was out and the temperature was in the mid-70s. Higher Gravity had their garage door open for the first time this year. So we decided to stop in for their Thursday night Meet the Brewery featuring three beers from Ballast Point…  They had Ballast Point’s Aloha Sculpin IPA with notes of […]

Physical therapy x Higher Gravity.

I had my first session of physical therapy for my hip this evening… It went pretty good. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. But then again, nothing about this entire hip replacement process has been as bad as I thought it would be. Not even close. At all. I thought every […]

NYE at Higher Gravity.

We went to one of our favorite Northside watering holes, Higher Gravity to celebrate New Year’s Eve… We met up with our friends Chris and Tayler and moved into this little alcove… We brought a bunch of little poppers with us… HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was a really great New Year’s Eve! 😀🥂🍾❤️

Higher Gravity minus Meet the Brewery.

We didn’t realize there wasn’t a Meet the Brewery tonight at Higher Gravity. But since we were there, we decided to have a couple of beers anyway… I tried an Esther’s Li’l Secret Winter White Ale with chocolate and vanilla cream from Warped Wing in Dayton… It reminded me a lot of the Sonoran White […]

Higher Gravity Christmas Eve.

We stopped in for a drink at Higher Gravity to watch the second half of the Bengals game. We tried a Claus from Braxton Brewing Company… And the Bengals got thumped by the Vikings but the beers were delicious! 😀🍺❤️

A Higher Gravity nightcap.

After dinner at Bistro Grace, we stopped at Higher Gravity for a flight… We love Higher Gravity. They always have something interesting on tap. 😀🍺❤️