A new friend.

We got our Google Home an Amazon Echo to keep it company…

The Google Home does a really great job with information and answering questions. And the Amazon Echo does a really great job with music, especially when it’s paired with Amazon Prime Music and it has a very nice rich, full sound for such a little device. I’m hoping these two become the best of friends because we really like them both a lot.

A chilly morning.

It’s really chilly this morning. Yesterday, it was in the mid-60s. This morning it’s in the mid-30s. We’re all bundled up in bed. Even Oscar covered himself up with blankets…

Brrr. It’s so chilly outside. We’re probably going to lay pretty low today. We’re not ready for the cold yet. 😀🌡️❄️❤️

Eight years ago today…

The Cincinnati Bengals social media team blocked me on Twitter for relentless dogging them about their inability to sell-out any of their home football games. Each and every week, the Bengals corporate sponsors would be forced to purchase tens of thousands of dollars worth of their unsold football tickets in order to avoid a dreaded television blackout in Cincinnati…

To this day, it’s still one of my proudest moments on Twitter. Cincinnati should have let those Bengals move to another city when they had the chance. Thanks, Timehop!


Shannon sent us this awesome reversible Oktoberfest coozie in the mail…

PROST! Thanks, ShannonHappy Oktoberfest! 😀🍺🍻❤️


Just recently, we surpassed the 1000 post milestone here at T+G! It’s not too shabby of an accomplishment considering we’ve been posting to T+G for less than two years

Thanks for stopping by to see what we’ve been up to lately. 🙂

Hello December.

It’s crazy that it’s already December. 🙂

Hello from Northside.

This morning we had a beautiful sunrise that we watched from our third-floor bedroom window, and we watched an equally as pretty sunset this evening in our backyard…

And just a HELLO! from our little family in Northside…



Just recently, we surpassed the 500 post milestone here at T+G! It’s not too shabby of an accomplishment considering we’ve only been posting to T+G for almost a year.

Thanks for stopping by to see what we’ve been up to lately. 🙂

Hello, CB Connector.

Cincinnati finally got to ride all over downtown and Over-the-Rhine on it’s brand new streetcar CB Connector all weekend long. Social media was chuck full of photos and videos of people’s experiences on the Connector. Today, it was my turn. I got to ride it for myself for the first time this afternoon. I hopped on the Connector at Main and Eighth Streets just outside of Deskey…

By the time it got to Twelfth Street, I had the COnnector pretty much to myself…

I took this little video clip with my Instagram

I got off the Connector at the Findlay Market stop on Elm Street…

I just wanted to get a Bahn Mi sammich from Pho Lang Thang

With sammich in hand, I walked over to wait for the Connector at the Findlay Market stop on Race Street…

And like clockwork, there was the Connector…

I rode the Connector down Race Street passed Washington Park…

I decided to ride the Connector all the way back around to where I first got on at Main and Eighth Streets. At Fountain Square, I started taking this video with my Polaroid CUBE…

Apparently, you can only take a five minute long video. And that’s fine because it’s not all that interesting. At all. Here’s another much shorter video of the Connector rolling passed Great American Ball Park…

And I’m back where I started at Main and Eighth…

I think I was going for about 45 minutes or so, give or take. Next time, I’ll pay more attention to what time it is when I leave. And here’s my Korean BBQ Bahn Mi sammich from Pho Lang Thang…

I have to admit. It was pretty cool to be able to hop on the Connector to ride up to Findlay Market to get a delicious sammich. Even when we lived downtown, we never really got up to Findlay Market all that much. Now I can see myself taking the Connector up to Findlay Market to grab a sammich, a gelato or pick up something to bring home for our dinner. Coworkers are already talking about taking the Connector to Taft’s Ale House for lunch or Rhinegeist for drinks after work. It’s cool how it makes downtown seem even easier to navigate than it already was.  The Cincinnati Bell Connector is pretty A-okay with me. 🙂

One year ago today…


One year ago today, I asked Genifer to marry me. She said yes. And it’s been a pretty amazing year since then. I love you so much, baby! 💍❤

Thanks for the reminder, #Timehop. 🙂

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