It’s a sign.

I was walking on my way to get my haircut this afternoon, and I couldn’t help but notice the Bay Horse Cafe sign has returned above Main Street…

And on the inside, it looked like they had made a lot of progress and were getting really close to opening up. Taken with Instagram. 😀🐴🍺

We love our backyard.

It’s Friday night and there’s nothing better than hanging out on our back patio…

Taken with Instagram. 😀❤️

Taken with Instagram.

It was a really pretty evening…

And we had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner…

I love spaghetti and garlic bread! Taken with Instagram. 😀🍝❤️

Taken with Instagram.

The bouquet of daisies I got for Genifer all the way back on May 24th is still looking as fresh as the day they arrived…

We didn’t do anything after our big fun day yesterday except lay around today. 😀🌼
Taken with Instagram

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. Taken with Instagram. 🙂


Taco Tuesday.

It was Taco Tuesday again at Silverglades Deli on Eighth Street…

I love tacos. I’ve really been digging on the hard-shell tacos lately. 😀 🌮 🌮 🌮 ❤️
Taken with Instagram.

Seen and noted.

These roses by our bus stop are pretty spectacular…

Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Tag! You’re it.

On the way home, I stopped at Urban Artifact to pick up some more Finn, and on my way out spotted this funny guy just around the corner from these guys

Taken with Instagram. 👑 😬 ❤️  >💲

Holtman’s donuts.

When a box of Holtman’s donuts magically appeared at work in the morning, it quickly became one of the best Fridays ever…

I love Holtman’s donuts. Taken with Instagram❤️ 🍩 😁

Taken with Instagram.

Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Pause for paws.

Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Taken with Instagram.

Oscar says good morning…

It’s still Friday even if it is a little overcast this morning…

☁️  And we saw this snail crossing the sidewalk…

We ❤️ Northside too!  Taken with Instagram. 🙂

It’s what’s for dinner.

My parents came down from Michigan to visit us for the weekend. And they brought a couple of delicious Pizza King pizzas with them for us to enjoy for dinner…

Omigosh. Pizza King pizzas are some of the best pizzas around! Taken with Instagram. 🙂

We ate this.

We had LaRosa’s calzones for dinner tonight. And they were pretty dang awesome!

YUM! Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Happy Easter.

HAPPY EASTER! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. 🐰🐥

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