It’s Skyline time!

It was Skyline time for lunch today!

YUM! 😀🧀🌭❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

For dinner tonight, Genifer made this Andouille Sausage with Alfredo pasta

It was delicious! Another outstanding dinner! She’s such a good cook! 😀🥣❤️

Northside nubs.

I was planning on taking a half day this morning when Cincinnati Bell was installing our new Fioptics. But it took so long to get us up and running that I decided just to take the whole day off. Eventually, we decided to walk down to Melt to have a late lunch…

Genifer had a half Cobb Salad with chips and hummus and buffalo mac&cheese…

I had the Hoffner with classic mac&cheese…

Their sammiches are so outstanding, as is their mac&cheese. After we were done eating, we celebrated no longer having cable by sharing a Morning Glory cocktail…

And after we were done with lunch, we stopped into Higher Gravity for a flight…

It was a great way to celebrate no longer having cable and spend my first vacation day of the year. 😀🥪🍺🥃❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made another one of Kroger’s Prep+Pared meal kits for dinner tonight. This one was BBQ Chicken Flatbreads with tangy slaw…

This was one of my favorite Prep+Pared dinners yet. What’s not to like here? They were little cheesy BBQ chicken flatbreads. And we each got two of them. The flatbreads got a little bit crispy on the edges in the oven and they were really delicious. Kroger is always changing their Prep+Pared meal offering as the season’s change. Genifer says it’s kind of difficult to find the same meal twice. That’s good for variety and trying new meals. But it’s not so good when you find a meal that you really like. And I really hope we get to have this meal again. 😀🐔❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Last time Genifer went to the grocery, she got two more of the Kroger Prep+Pared meal kits. Tonight she made Corn&Black Bean Chilaquiles with roasted salsa…

It was another outstanding meal, particularly impressive because it was vegetarian. The best part was the crunchy tortilla strips that topped the dish. Those Kroger Prep+Pared meals are so good. We love them! 😀🌮❤️

Slow down and grill.

We grilled out for the first time this season…

I’d forgotten just how good stuff tastes off the grill. YUM! 😀🍔🌭❤️

Chameleon Pizza is worth it.

We put in a lot of work on our front and back yards today. So as a reward for our hard work, we ordered a delicious half and half pizza and wings from Chameleon

And instantly, all the hard work was well worth it. 😀🍕🐔❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

NYPD Pizza for dinner tonight. We love NYPD. 😀🍕❤️

Reds baseball game #1.

Our Reds are off to a historically bad start to the baseball season. Last time I looked, I think the Reds had the worst record in all of baseball at 7-22. And they were already 10 games out of first place in the NL Central. It’s pretty tough to be really enthusiastic about the Reds right now. But still, their games are on in our house every night even if they’re now relegated to a peripheral tablet. Regardless of how bad the Reds are, they’re still our Reds. And seven years ago today, we went to a Reds game on our very first date. Even though they’re not doing so hot this year when the Reds play at home on the anniversary of your first date, you go to the Reds game. That’s exactly what we did tonight. We went to our first Reds game of the year. And we were super hyped about it…

Just kidding. We’re always excited to go to Reds games. Among the new features at the ballpark is this Budweiser wagon where you can get $5 Bud and Bud Lights to drink on Crosley Terrace before you enter the ballpark…

We stopped to look at our Reds All-Star brick

Another new feature is out in right field, the Budweiser Balcony

They added a bunch of TV’s underneath the new balcony….

And a big Budweiser bar on top of the new balcony…

It’s pretty nice up there. It used to be just kind of a dead space out in right field. Now it feels much more finished. The most intriguing new food offering was also out in right field at Mr. Reds Smokehouse called the Smokehouse Bowl…

It was BBQ chicken, baked beans, mac&cheese and cole slaw all in a taco shell…

I’m not sure that I would get it again. But it was pretty darn tasty. It’s one of those things that you can say that you tried and then go back to old ballpark food staples. Give me a couple of dogs or a Peen Station Cheesesteak or a Big Boy and I’m a happy guy.

My Swarm check-in from the game…

It was the 180th Reds game I’ve checked into on my Swarm and the 23rd time seeing the Reds play the Milwaukee Brewers.

And I don’t care how bad the Reds are. Great American Ball Park will always be my happy place. Just look at that view…

Our seats were up in The Fioptics District. We love it up there. With the Fioptics District Ticket for just $15, you can enjoy ballpark seats or the terraces where you can stand and watch the game, access to the exclusive rooftop and your first drink!

It was pretty awesome. We felt like we had GABP all to ourselves…

The announced attendance was 9,536…

But we’re guessing the actual number was less than half of that…

We headed for home in the ninth inning. The Reds were down by one when we left. When we got to the car, the game was final and the Reds lost 6-5.

Win or lose, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I just love being at the ballpark with the love of my life. 😀⚾️7⃣❤️



It’s Skyline Time!

It was Skyline Time for lunch today…

Somewhere between point A and point B, I accumulated $75 worth of Skyline gift cards.
I guess there’s going to be a lot more Skyline time in my future! 😀🧀🌭❤️

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