The Spread Buffet.

Okay. The Spread Buffet at Horseshoe Casino has a big promotion going through the end
of the month where if you bring in your Reds ticket you can get a complimentary buffet.
We’re not really huge fans of buffets. Not much at all. Between everyone digging in
your food and the resulting food coma from overeating, buffets are just kind of bleh.
But today, we finally summoned up the courage and got around to wandering up to the
casino to give The Spread Buffet the old college try. And when we got there, we were
met with a line. Not a wicked long line, mind you. But still a line. At a buffet.
Horseshoe Casino
We were told that it would be about ten minutes because “All the tables were full.”
But from we were standing, we could see that there were at least a good 15 or more
tables that were open. Anyway. Thirty minutes later, we’re granted our free buffet.
Horseshoe Casino
The buffet is broken into different world cuisine sections…
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
The thing that struck us was that there weren’t really very many options. At all.
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
And the Italian section was turned into a breakfast station. With a 30 egg omelet…
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Here’s my plate half-way through. You know I’m underwhelmed if I forgot to take a photo.
Horseshoe Casino
The only thing that really had a wide variety was the dessert station. Cupcakes galore.
Horseshoe Casino
I had a couple of these red velvet ones!
Horseshoe Casino
I mean, don’t get me wrong. The food wasn’t bad. I was expecting better and more of it.
We’re going try to give it another chance when it’s not brunch, and see if it’s any better.
I certainly hope it is. Because at $23.99 a person, it should be a lot better than it was.
I’d say if you’re in the mood for a buffet, save yourself $25 and just go to Golden Corral.
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