Meanwhile down in The Banks…

It seemed like everyone in Cincinnati was queuing up to get into the new kid on the block over across the river in Covington, Braxton Brewing Co.. We’re not a fan of ridiculously crowded places, and definitely don’t do well with waiting in lines. So while everyone else was packing themselves in like sardines, we stopped into Moerlein Lager House to have some sours. We been really getting into sour beers lately. Hopefully, sours will be the next IPAs. We started with the incredible Duchess de Bourgogne on tap…
Drinking the incredible Duchess de Bourgogne at Moerlein Lager House...
And then we had the Echt Kriekenbier, cherry beer…
Echt Kriekenbier at Moerlein Lager House...
Awesome sours. Braxton’s just gonna have to wait until the hype dies down a bit. 🙂

Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.

In eager anticipation of the upcoming season of Reds baseball that is quickly closing in on us, we decided to visit the much lauded Reds Hall of Fame. We also had a tickets given to us by Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism that were about to expire and we didn’t want them to go to waste…
We got to see the new Hall of Fame exhibit, “The Kings of the Queen City.”
Reds Hall of Fame with @genmae5 #KingsOfTheQueenCity
Reds Hall of Fame...
Reds Hall of Fame...
Sparky and @genmae5 at the Reds Hall of Fame...
@genmae5 and The Big Red Machine celebrate at the Reds Hall of Fame...
The Reds Hall of Fame of does an incredible job of telling the rich history of the Reds. Such near stuff! Click to see all the photos I took during our visit to the Reds Hall of Fame.

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