The Terrace Rooftop Bar.

While the Riverfest fireworks were going on, we walked up Broadway to the Casino…
They were debuting their new rooftop cocktail terrace called… The Terrace Rooftop Bar.
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
The giant lamp/space heaters were pretty cool…
Horseshoe Casino
The smoke from all the fireworks was starting to overtake downtown…
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
There were a few first night kinks that you could tell they’ll have to work through, like the very small bar that led to lengthy lines for drinks. We would go back downstairs to Rock Bar when we wanted to get a drink. Everything seemed kind of thrown together at the last minute. Like they weren’t sure what they wanted to the space to be. It’ll be pretty nice once they fully realize the potential and vision for what the space will ultimately become. My thought is, you can never have too many rooftop bars. Ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

Riverfest skydivers.

To a lot of people, the Labor Day Riverfest fireworks along the banks of the Ohio River are a really big deal. There are viewing parties, and people lay claim to prime viewing spots in Yeatman’s Cove days before the fireworks. We’ve never gotten into the whole Riverfest thing. It’s just way too many people packing themselves like sardines into the riverfront, and if you’ve seen one Riverfest fireworks display, you’ve kind of seen them all. The one pretty cool Riverfest thing we noticed this evening when we were out on a dog walk were these Riverfest skydivers…
And they were shooting off fireworks while on their descent with their parachutes open. That’s either really brave, or really dumb. I think it’s kind of a coin flip. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not ready for this yet.

We stopped at Lowe’s to get some potting soil for our cactus garden, and the Halloween decorating ideas were front and center and full in effect…
I’m really not ready for Halloween yet, or autumn for that matter. More summer please! ๐Ÿ™‚

Creepy crawlies.

Check out this Praying Mantis that we noticed on the outside of our window today…
There have been an unusually high number of Praying Mantis around downtown. It’s been really pretty odd just how many we’ve seen lately. And kinda funny because Genifer is terrified of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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