Dominos for dinner.

During our Saturday of laziness, we decided to order some Dominos for dinner…
We got a medium pie. Half pepperoni and banana peppers, half sausage and ham…
Sweet BBQ specialty chicken…
And of course, we had to get their stuffed cheesy bread…
We really like Dominos. It’s not glamorous or trendy or the hot new thing. We just really like it. It’s always good. They deliver really fast, and it’s really reasonable. We got all this delicious food for right around $25. You can’t beat that. 🙂
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Pi Pizzeria minus the pizza.

We stopped into Pi Pizzeria again for lunch. But we didn’t get any pizza this time. We were going to just snack on some appetizers. We started Spicy Pickles and Pi Ravs…
Genifer insists that the Spicy Pickles are a new must order whenever we go to Pi from now on. I agree. They have just the right amount of heat. And are oh so tasty. The Pi Ravs were tasty too. Especially, the Berkshire Sausage filling. But they were really tough and chewy, difficult to cut and chewing them was a pretty labor intensive task. Good thing they tasted so good. We also got an order of Pi’s Oven Blazed Wings…
Pi Pizzeria
The rub on them is outstanding. Genifer craves that yogurt-cucumber dressing that comes with them. In my opinion, they are the real star of the show at Pi. And are some of the best wings in all of downtown Cincinnati. Sorry there mister…
You chicken? Nope. Rooster.
Next time we eat at Pi, we’re going for the Spicy Pickles and the Oven Blazed Wings. It’s more than enough food for the both of to share. And we won’t leave feeling overstuffed. 🙂
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