We had a great Sunday.

Sunday got off to a cold and frosty start. Good morning from Northside…

We rolled over to the grocery this morning…

We were running desperately low on Shiny Stars. Time to restock to the supply…

Both the panda and the train were on the shelves today…

And there were some adorable Christmas balloons

After we were done at the grocery, we stopped at Biggby for weekend morning coffee…

Genifer has grown a little tired of Mad Llama so we back on a Biggby kick right now.

Next time we’re at Biggby, we’re going to pick an item off their giving tree…

At some point, I’m going to gift myself a Biggby Coffee trucker cap…

I’ve really been digging Biggby’s maple waffle breakfast sammich…

It’s so tasty. Today was day six of my Lego City Advent Calendar…

Today was also going to be a pretty epic sports day…

While I was listening to the different sporting events and working on projects for work, Genifer was putting the finishing touches on our bedroom walls…

It looks so good. I love the color. Genifer did such an amazing job of painting! And she did it so fast. It’s a big room with weird angles. It just looks amazing.

To celebrate, we ate Kroger sushi for lunch…

I also got Yakisoba noodles with chicken at the grocery. But it was just too much food with all the sushi and we decided to save the noodles to eat for dinner later..

But there was still plenty of room for two-bite Christmas cupcakes…

We took the dogs out on a walk around the block…

Good evening from Northside…

Later, we ate of Yakisoba noodles with chicken and they were delicious…

I wonder if Oscar like the way the bedroom looks now…

I hope he likes the new color…

Because I sure do. I think it’s perfectly splendid. We hung out in our freshly painted bedroom tonight and we watched The Knight before Christmas and A Christmas Prince on Netflix. Because apparently, we are on a Vanessa Hudgens, Prince and Christmas movie kick right now. They were both pretty cute.

Oh, the sports… Leicester won, Arsenal lost the North London Derby, Wolves got thumped, Revs couldn’t knock out Columbus, Shockers lost, Xavier beat UC in the Crosstown Shootout (again), and Michigan rolled over UCF. We had another really good Sunday. I like days with lotsa sports. 😀🌄🌟☕️🖌️📺🍣🍜❤️

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