A Monday NYPD Pizza party?!

Why are Mondays always so dreary? It seems like almost every Monday is so grey and overcast. And this Monday was no exception…

Good morning from overcast Northside…

Someone lost their soccer ball…

Time for day 14 of my Lego City Advent Calendar…

It was another super busy Monday with work. But we made it through yet another Monday.

Good evening from overcast Northside…

And we had the super rare Monday night NYPD Pizza party…

We got an X-Large double pepperoni with extra cheese…

And we ordered some cheesy garlic bread…

NYPD Pizza parties are so good. And they never happen on Mondays.

And then we went upstairs to start season two of Black Spot

And we made it through another dreary Monday. 😀🌄☁️🍕📺❤️

Thanks, USPS.

Back on November 27th, I mailed a package from the post office in St. Bernard. I was sending two Lego City Advent Calendars out to our niece and nephew in Boston. I sent it Two-Day Priority Mail because I forgot about the box that was sitting on the sofa in our studio office…

It was expensive but that’s fine. It was still expected to arrive on November 30th…

If figured even if it was late, the package would still arrive on December 1st or 2nd. And everything would be just fine. I started tracking the package online because that’s the fun part of sending packages, tracking their journey. My package disappeared twice with no updates, once for four days and then for another eight days…

On December 2nd, the package was still in Cincinnati. When I checked the tracking number this morning, it looks like my package is finally going to be delivered today… SEVENTEEN DAYS LATER.

And our package was delivered today, December 14th at 5:26pm…

At least, the package finally arrived, and we’re really happy about that. But still… Seventeen. Days. Thanks, USPS. 😠😡🤬📦📭🐌❤️

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