The first day of Summer.

Today was the first day of Summer! And it’s Saturday. Good morning from Northside…

For breakfast, I tried one of these Kodiak Cake Blueberry & Maple Flapjack Cups…

It was pretty darn good for just a little microwave pancake cup. Later, we walked down to Blue Jay to get some lunch…

Genifer ordered a huge Greek salad with a side of french fries and I ordered two cheese coneys with a side of french fries as well…

Look at the size of this pepperoncini that came with Genifer’s salad…

It was almost as big as my cheese coney. I ate it. It was really spicy. I probably wouldn’t do that again. It made my eyes water. Other than that mistake, lunch at Blue Jay was great as always.

When we were walking home, we couldn’t help but notice that the front of the Jackson Hewitt tax office was all smashed in…

Apparently last night, someone ran the red light at the corner of Chase and Hamilton and lost control of their vehicle and smashed into the front of this office, which is right on the street corner. People running red lights has become a real problem in Cincinnati. At least one or two cars go through every traffic light after the light turns red.

On our way home, we also stopped to get more milkshakes from Tickle Pickle

Their Flan Halen strawberry milkshake is my favorite.

And then we were pretty lazy again. At least, Premier League soccer is back on TV…

I woke up super early and caught the end of the Doosan Bears Korean baseball game, The Bears won 8-2. Leicester City drew 1-1 against Watford. And my Arsenal lost 2-1 to Brighton Hove & Albion. It’s really nice to have some sports back in my life. It makes things almost feel sort of normal again. Even though life is still not normal at all.

But it was a very pretty first day of Summer…

And a very good evening from Northside…

We’re having a pretty low-key start of Summer weekend. 😀🗓️❤️

All in on KBO.

I’ve really gone all in on the Korean Baseball games they’ve been playing on ESPN. Not having MLB baseball, or really sports in general, has been pretty annoying. And Korean Baseball is definitely filling the void. It’s been super fun to watch and learn about a new league that I’ve never been exposed to before.

The KBO games start ridiculously early, what with coming live from Korea and all. I set our YouTubeTV to record all of them. And then I listen to them while I’m working during the day. The KBO baseball has been pretty entertaining. The games are competitive. It’s been compared to a triple-A league here in the States. And for the most part, the games aren’t lacking in offense. There’s a lot of scoring. Because there is a lack of dominant, overpowering pitchers in the KBO.

I decided pretty early on that my KBO team would be the Doosan Bears from Seoul. I flirted briefly with making my team the NC Dinos. But I decided to go with the Bears because I love bears just a little bit more than I love dinosaurs. But it was really close.

I even ordered a Doosan Bears ballcap all the way from Korean…

If you haven’t been watching, the games are being played in empty stadiums because of the COVD-19 pandemic. In this morning’s KBO game live from Daejeon Hanbat Baseball Stadium, home of the Hanwha Eagles, every seat behind home plate was filled with donated stuffed animals

How awesome is that? The commentators said that the animals would all be donated to children’s charities. The more I watch the KBO, the more I like it. It’s the baseball we know and love with a uniquely Asian twist. And it’s pretty entertaining.

ESPN said they’ll be showing the rest of this season in its entirety, including the playoffs. I hope that the are more seasons of Korean baseball after this one. It’s darn pretty fun. And it’s great to have some baseball back in our lives. 😀⚾️🐻❤️

The best weekend of the year.

It’s the official start of the best sports weekend of the year. Today, March Madness has begun and the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament tipped off…

So much basketball. 😀🏀❤️

FC Cincinnati’s first MLS match.

This evening was FC Cincinnati’s very first match in MLS. They were playing away at Seattle Sounders on FS1. Definitely not the easiest introduction to their new league…

I was so excited and so nervous for this match all day. And it was finally here…

And just 13 minutes into the match, FC Cincinnati had their first goal and first lead in MLS! Just 13 minutes! Leonardo Bertone made history for FC|C with a wonder strike from outside of the box

The goal was the third-fastest ever scored by an MLS expansion club. It was definitely a moment to remember. But that was pretty much the only the highlight of the match for FC|C. It all kind of went south from there. FC Cincinnati lost their first match 4-1 to Seattle Sounders.

Welcome to MLS. 😀⚽️❤️

One year ago.

One year ago today, we were watching Western Michigan University hockey on TV and saw my parents right there, front and center…

That was pretty neat. Thanks for the memories, Timehop! 😀🦕❤️

This event has been blacked out.

I went to watch local basketball tonight’s showdown between the Norse of Northern Kentucky and those Bearcats from Cincinnati. I don’t think Cincinnati usually plays NKU. But at least this season, Cincinnati has played nothing but cupcakes. The only ranked team they’ve played so far was Ohio State and the Bearcats lost by 12. Anyway. I wanted to see how the Norse would do against Cincinnati. I tuned into ESPN3 to watch the game only to find the game blacked out. I don’t know why they have to do stuff that like that…

On Fox Sports Ohio was the Cleveland Cavaliers game, but I ended up being able to find the game through the Fox Sports GO app and then stream it to our TV through our Google Chromecast. Ugh. But by the time I finally figured all that out, Cincinnati was well in control of the game…

The Norse would fall to Cincinnati 78-65. I used to be pretty neutral about Cincinnati Bearcats basketball. I didn’t really care one way or another. But their coach just rubs me the wrong way. There is a smugness or arrogance about him that just really rubs me the wrong way.

After the holidays, I’d like to try to find tickets to go see the Norse play at home. That would be pretty fun. We’ve never been to a NKU Norse basketball game. 😀🏀☠️❤️

USL rebrands and it’s wonderful.

We were watching our FC Cincinnati play away to Pittsburgh Riverhounds. The match ended in a very uneventful 0-0 draw. But at halftime, USL unveiled their new future rebranding, and it was pretty slick…


As a designer who loves soccer, this would have been a dream project to work on. And it’s really well done. It’s a very nice rebranding for USL Soccer. The entire effort, everything about it feels very Premier League to me. The animations, the graphics, the fonts, the whole thing is wonderful. Well done, USL! I love how they tiered their leagues. It makes me sad that Cincinnati isn’t going to be a part of it. Because I think it’s great. I think the USL has a lot more vision than MLS. MLS has always just seemed like a huge cash grab to me. Less about the soccer, certainly less about the fans, definitely about snatching every last dollar possible. Sorry, I’m just not a fan of MLS. At all.

Here are the “highlights” from a pretty boring 0-0 draw…



But with this draw, FC Cincinnati tied a USL record by extending their undefeated streak to 22 matches. They can break the record next weekend at Nashville in the game of the regular season. 😀⚽️🏆❤️

Meanwhile in Michigan…

Tonight, my parents went to see #11 Western Michigan take on Colorado College at Lawson Ice Arena in Kalamazoo. We tuned in to watch the game on CBS Sports. While we were watching, we kept an eye out for my parents. I thought I recognized the white stripes on my dad’s jacket in the crowd…

And then coming back from a commercial, there were my parents…

It was pretty neat to see my mom & dad on TV. And it was a really good hockey game too. Western defeated Colorado College 3-2 in overtime! 😀📺🏒❤️

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