Pause for paws.

Oscar doesn’t appreciate how cute he looks in his reindeer antlers. Unfortunately, he just really doesn’t like having things on his head…

As soon as you take the antlers off his head, he’s all super happy again…

He’s a knucklehead. Taken by Genifer. 😀🐶❤️

A new friend.

We got our Google Home an Amazon Echo to keep it company…

The Google Home does a really great job with information and answering questions. And the Amazon Echo does a really great job with music, especially when it’s paired with Amazon Prime Music and it has a very nice rich, full sound for such a little device. I’m hoping these two become the best of friends because we really like them both a lot.

Updating the OscarCams.

A while back, I stumbled across the very impressive WyzeCam. They’re little adjustable camera cubes that offer full HD, 1080p video via wifi with night vision and two-way audio. The best part is they’re only $20 each. So we added two WyzeCams to our living room as our new OscarCams…

They were so easy to set-up and work great for watching Oscar when we’re out of the house. And somehow this randomly terrific video showed up on my phone one day…

They’re pretty cool little cameras…

We put our EZVIZ Mini O OscarCam on the shelf in our kitchen…

Our original OscarCam kept losing its wifi connection. And every time it would try to reconnect, a loud voice would come out of the camera to tell you “wifi connecting” or “wifi connected.” It was loud and got annoying really quick. So now that came is sitting unplugged in a drawer in our office. I really like our EZVIZ Mini O. But the WyzeCam’s are my new favorites. OscarCams are fun. 😀📷❤️

Good morning from Northside.

We had to get up extra early this morning. Genifer had an early meeting at work…

And we were rewarded with this gorgeous sunrise view from our bedroom window…


Are you ready for some football?

We had some friends over for today’s Cowboys versus Chiefs football game. And we put out some snacks for the game…

Our Cowboys beat the Chiefs 28-17. But the snacks won the day. 😀🍲❤️

Pause for paws.

I’ve been trying to get a good video of Oscar playing with his sammich. He will grab it and toss it around and run from one end of our bedroom to the another. He gets really into it. And will chase it and run around like crazy. This isn’t that video. This morning he was chasing it and tossing it around, I started recording video and he stopped. He wanted me to get his sammich so he could chase me around instead…

One day I’ll get a good video of him being crazy and tossing his sammich all around our bedroom and chasing after it. It’s pretty funny to watch. 😀🐶🥪❤️

Pause for paws.

We were pretty lazy today, just another lazy Sunday in Northside…

We were just waiting for Genifer to get home. 😀🐐❤️

Our little backyard.

I mowed our little backyard again this morning…

Now it looks all nice again. 😀🏠❤️

Corners of our home.


The leaves are starting to change color in our backyard. 😀🏡🍃❤️

No more leaks!

The sink in our second-floor bathroom is now fixed!

HOORAY! No more leaks! Taken with Instagram. 🛠️🚫💧

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