It was just a really grey day.

Good morning from Northside…

It looked like it was going to be another grey and overcast day. Hopefully, the sun will come out a little bit later just like it did yesterday.

Bear has become my new shadow. It seems like he’s never more than a few feet away. While I was working today, he slept in Mack’s crate next to me in our office. And he brought all of his new favorite toys with him…

The sun never came out today. It was grey and overcast all day long…

Good evening from Northside…

We tried to play in our backyard before it started to rain…

The sky started getting darker and darker…

When we got upstairs, it was starting to sprinkle again…

And then it started getting really yellow outside…

It was just a really grey and rainy day. 😀☁️❤️

Fitbit India badge.

Today, I earned another Fitbit badge from my Fitbit Charge3

How cool is that? We love walking. And that’s a lot of steps! 😀⚡️❤️

Fantasy basketball 2020.


I played NBA fantasy basketball again this year. It seems like it was forever ago that was anxiously approaching another undefeated season. But then all the COVID-19 happened. And the world, including all sports, ground to a halt for months. And our Dallas Mavericks were the default NBA Champions. I was kind of hoping the season would start back up and we could finish out this fantasy basketball season. But it looks like that’s not going to happen now…

Back on June 4, the NBA elected to move forward with a 22-team format to finish its regular season, which was postponed on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic. With an incomplete collection of teams playing for the remainder of the season, the ESPN Fantasy Basketball season is complete.

And that’s that. I played eight teams this season. I had teams three finish in first…

Four teams finished in second…

And one team finished third…

It would have been way more fun to get to run through the fantasy basketball playoffs. But what are you going to do? COVID-19 has made a mess of everything. Still, the fantasy basketball season was pretty dang fun again while the season lasted.

Hopefully, there’ll be an uninterrupted fantasy basketball season next year.  😀🏀🏆❤️

Dinosaurs & cheeseburgers.

I’ve started doing these posts on our blog that just sums up our entire day in one post. I like them especially on days where we don’t do a lot. But I’m really struggling with what to call them. I was just titling these posts things like “Our Friday.” but that’s as boring as what we actually did today. 

We both had today off work for Juneteenth. Good morning from Northside…

We ran over to start our day with some Biggby Coffee. On Fridays, it’s free shot Friday at Biggby. You get a extra shot of coffee in your drink… for FREE…

We ran to Whole Foods to get some groceries and we also swung through Home Goods…

And then we were pretty lazy for the rest of the day…

Until we went on a walk with the dogs. There were some really pretty clouds tonight…

Good evening from Northside…

After we dropped the dogs off at home, we kept walking…

Down to Tickle Pickle

For burgers and milkshakes to go…

Our burgers were delicious…

It was a great Friday with plenty of time for quiet reflection. 😀🗓️❤️

A Celebration of Freedom.

Today marks the 155th anniversary of the formal end of slavery across the United States. Today is a day long-celebrated by African American communities and citizens across the nation known as Juneteenth.

Maybe you’re already familiar with Juneteenth. Maybe you’re not. Also known as Freedom Day, Juneteenth is widely considered to be African-Americans’ independence day. It’s a holiday in 47 states and the District of Columbia. But it’s still not a federally recognized national holiday.

Juneteenth commemorates the reading of federal orders in the city of Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, proclaiming all slaves in Texas were now free. Although the Emancipation Proclamation had formally freed them almost two and a half years earlier, Texas was the most remote Confederate slave state with a low presence of Union troops. Enforcement of the proclamation had been slow and inconsistent.

In the wake of nationwide protests, sparked by the death of George Floyd three weeks ago, the date has taken on added meaning. Groups have also called for the day to be recognized as a federal holiday, with New York and Virginia proposing to make it a paid day off for state employees.

This year as businesses examine their policies and social responsibility to combat systemic racism, Juneteenth is looking a bit different. A number of companies have made today a paid holiday. Video game maker Electronic Arts is giving employees a paid day off to volunteer in their community. A host of other companies like Twitter, Square and Vox Media all made announcements declaring Juneteenth a company holiday. And Grey has made a similar announcement…

We encourage everyone to use this day away from the office as a moment of reflection and activation. For many, if not everyone, there is still much to learn about racism in America. You can use this time for education. There are also conversations that should happen with families and among friends so we don’t repeat mistakes from the past. There is also much to do to set forth on a better course that will truly benefit all Americans. You can use this time to plan, to promise, and to begin your journey.

Honoring June 19th in this way may seem like a small step. Perhaps. But, a small
step demonstrates momentum and direction. We need both, right now and for
years to come.

Spend a few minutes today exploring the National Museum of African American History’s online collection.

In Cincinnati, there will be free Juneteenth concerts on local tv and social media June 19, 20, and 21, with a special Father’s Day event on Sunday. You can get more details about Juneteenth events at

What is Juneteenth and how are people commemorating it this year? via Reuters.

And read Why Juneteenth is a celebration of hope at NatGeo.

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made delicious homemade crab cakes for dinner with baked sweet potatoes…

She also made a delicious homemade remoulade to go with them. I hope she makes these crab cakes again with the remoulade so we can have crab cake sammiches!

She makes some of the best meals. 😀🦀❤️

It must be Thursday!

Before starting work this morning, we ran down to Camp Washington to get some coffee drinks from Sunny Blue Coffeehouse

Because it was customer appreciation Thursday again that means free turkey sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sammiches for everyone!

We love Sunny Blu Coffeehouse!

I stopped to peek at CampSITE again…

I find Camp Washington is such an intriguing little neighborhood. 😀☕️🥐❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄🐾❤️


Tomorrow is free breakfast sandwich Thursday again at Sunny Blu Coffeehouse! Thursdays are my new favorite day. 😀☕️🥐❤️

Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

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