It’s a sign.

You know it’s almost summer in downtown Cincinnati when you start thinking about rooftop cocktail terraces

Northside could use a rooftop bar or two. 😀🍷❤️

Northside Saturday.

This afternoon we walked down to Blue Jay for lunch…

We tried their cheese coneys and chili cheese sammiches and they were awesome!

After lunch, we were headed off to the grand opening of favorite coffee shop, Sidewinder’s brand new coffee roastery…

But first, we stopped in Shake It Records…

Seriously, we need to get a record player…

They had so many good records that I would have bought today if we had a record player. Walking down Hamilton Avenue right next to Hoffner Park, it looks like a new smoothie and juice bar is going in…

We made it all the way down Spring Grove to Sidewinder’s new coffee roastery…

Their new coffee roaster…

There was some serious roasting going on in here…

Original artworks by very talented artist and Sidewinder barista, Amy Poliner…

They’re going to need some more coffee beans…

We had a coffee drink and hung out for a little while and learned about the process of roasting coffee beans. It’s a lot more complicated than I thought it would be…

From there we stopped at Second Place to have a bourbon slushie and kill a little bit of time while we waited for our friend’s backyard birthday party to start…

W estayed at the backyard birthday party until it got too dark to see anymore in the backyard. And then we headed home. It was a really fun day in Northside. 😀❤️

Summer Hours: Taft’s Brewpourium.

Deskey lets us work just a half-day every other Friday throughout the summer. They call it Summer Hours. They’re pretty flippin’ awesome. And they’re back! Today was my first Summer Hours Friday, and we went to Taft’s Brewpourium for lunch…

We had a couple of beers and shared a pizza and some knots with beer cheese. Summer Hour Fridays are the best Fridays. 😀🍕🍻❤️

It’s a sign.

When we were walking back to our hotel, Genifer noticed this sign for a coffee shop across Sixth Street. And even with all the thousands of times that we walked down Sixth Street when we lived downtown, we couldn’t remember if this was an old sign or a new sign for a coffee shop that’s coming soon…

It got us talking about all the times we walked down Sixth Street to Fountain Square and all the fun we had downtown. And how much it’s changed and how much it’s still the same. And how much we like our Sidewinder Coffee in Northside. 😀☕️❤️

Best Friends.

This morning we dropped the buddies off at Best Friends to play for the weekend…

Best Friends is the nicest pet boarding spot I’ve found, and the people there are so nice. Oscar doesn’t really like being around a lot of other dogs so we got him the Individual Play & Stay with private walks and one-on-one time with people. Mack loves socializing and playing with other dogs so we got him Group Play & Stay. I hope our guys had a good time there this weekend. 😀🐾🌈❤️

They guys seemed pretty tuckered out when we picked them up Monday morning.

Fridays are for Sidewinder.

Every Friday morning we stop at Sidewinder for coffee…

We love Sidewinder’s coffee drinks. It’s our little reward for making it through the week to another Friday. 😀☕️❤️

It’s a sign.

I love these Vote FOR Issue 2 signs…


It’s a sign.

For Taco Tuesday at Tickle Pickle

They also have Wing Wednesdays at Tickle Pickle. We’re going to have to check out both of them really soon! 😀🌮❤️

Northside Saturday.

We didn’t do a lot today. It was unseasonably warm. It was in the mid-60s. Really nice. But it was crazy windy. We took advantage of it being so nice outside and walked down to Boswell’s Alley for lunch…

Genifer woke up with a hankering for Bos Bites. And I woke up wanting a Super Grill. So we had another really great Boswell’s lunch. Afterwards, we noticed this mural on the side of a building on Blue Rock Road just kitty-corner to Urban Artifact…

Humble Monk Brewing Company, formerly Rabbit Hash Brewery is coming sometime soonish to Northside. On our way home, we stopped at Higher Gravity for a beer and the second half of the Michigan-Wisconsin game. And then we came home. It was a pretty nice Saturday afternoon in Northside. 😀❤️

I voted.

On my way to work this morning, I stopped to vote…

While I was waiting for the bus across the street, I couldn’t help but notice the terrific sign the library set out encouraging people to vote…

Awesome. What’s not awesome is that Cincinnati has to put up with this argumentative pipsqueak joke of a mayor for another four years. 😀✔️❤️

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