Tuesday morning Mad Llama.

Before we started work this morning, we ran over to Mad Llama to get coffees. And as we were pulling into Mad Llama, the sun was making an appearance…

If it’s really nice outside the next time we get Mad Llama, I think I’m going to get one of their Java Whips. But which one should I try?

This morning I just stuck with my hot chocolate…

Mad Llama is one of our four favorite coffee shops in all of Cincinnati along with Biggby, Sunny Blu, and of course, our local Sidewinder. 😀☕️❤️

Coffee from Mad Llama.

Before I started working this morning, we ran over to get some drive-thru Friday morning coffee and hot chocolate from Mad Llama in Madisonville…

It was so good when we got Mad Llama on Wednesday

Genifer got a caramel latte with oat milk and I got a hot chocolate, of course…

Mad Llama makes some really delicious drinks. 😀🦙☕️❤️

Line to enter starts here.

We ran over to Trader Joe’s this morning. We were pretty surprised to see that they were limiting the number of customers to 30 people in the store at a time…

The line wasn’t very long. There were only three or four people ahead of us. Once we got into Trader Joe’s, it was pretty much like having the store to ourselves…

On the way home, we stopped to get coffee from Mad Llama, and we were back home in time for my first meeting of the morning. 😀🛍️☕️❤️

Mad Llama Coffee.

We made an early Saturday morning run to Trader Joe’s. And that means we get to check out another new coffee shopAnd the coffee shop we checked out this morning was Mad Llama in Madisonville…

Neat little coffee shop. We loved all the llamas and the coffees were great! 😀☕️❤️

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