Sunday, March 7th.

The dogs found a little patch of sunlight in our front bedroom…

Michigan lost to Sparty to end their championship regular season. The Wolverines first game of the Big Ten Tournament will be on Friday at 11:30am.

Around 10pm, we were watching the NBA All-Star Game on TNT and our lost our power. Apparently, all of Northside lost power…

Genifer got a text from the power company that said a car hit something that knocked out power to the entire neighborhood. I woke up around 1am and thankfully, our power was back on. 😀🌄🐾🏀🔦❤️

Ugh. The time change.

The time changed last night and it’s really messing us up this morning. We were tired…

And there was a wicked fierce glare on their sign…

But Biggby coffee makes everything a little bit better…

After we had our Biggby drinks, we went to the grocery. At Kroger, all Hot Wheels were a dollar. How cool is rat rod?

And there were Hot Tamales Peeps…

Wut? I am not a fan of Peeps. And I bet Hot Tamales Peeps are just gross. 😀☕️❤️

It was a great Saturday.

This morning started with some coffees from Biggby Coffee

YUM! Biggby has terrific hot chocolate. I love mine with some butterscotch added to it.

After we had our drinks in hand, we stopped at JackRabbit in Obryanville

At last year’s Higher Gravity Spring Grove Beer Gallop, Genifer won a $125  gift certificate towards a brand new running shoes from JackRabbit. And with this year’s Spring Grove Beer Gallop right around the corner, Genifer thought she’d better get some new running shoes…

Genifer got these Brooks running shoes…

These terrific running shoes only cost her $25. And that’s pretty awesome.

Later, we ran out to get lunch at Freddy’s Steakburgers

Ohmigosh. I love Freddy’s Steakburgers….

I think I’ve finally zeroed in on my go-to Freddy’s order. I think it’s going to be the original double. This is the original double with bacon…

But next time and into the future, my order will be just the original double with fries…

I used to get the triple steakburger. Sometimes I could do it. But sometimes, it was a real struggle and it was too much. Freddy’s also has a patty melt that is really good. But it’s not like a traditional patty melt. But it’s still really good.

On our way home for Freddy’s, we stopped in College Hill at Brink Brewing. Brink is one of my favorite Cincinnati breweries…

They have such great beers. Our big beer was a King Cake beer. It was awesome. Brink always has something really interesting on tap.

And that was pretty much our Saturday. We were pretty happy that we actually got out and did something on a Saturday…

And it was a great Saturday.

Cloud badge.

Today, I earned another Fitbit badge from my Fitbit Charge3

How cool is that? 8000 is a lot of stairs! 😀⚡️❤️

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