Friday, March 19th.

We shared some loaded tots that I forgot to take a photo of.

And we watched a bunch of basketball. 😀🌄🍺🍽🏀♥️

The Madness has begun!

March Madness tipped off last night with the first four. And last night, Michigan State was sent packing. Today in the fifth game of the first round, Ohio State was bounced out of the tournament too…

Remember when Ohio State was knocked out of the tournament by Dayton?

Good thing Ohio State is a football school. 🤣🏀♥️

Thursday, March 18th.


Wednesday, March 17th.

We didn’t really do much for St. Patrick’s Day this year. But enjoy these classics…


Tuesday, March 16th.

We were up super early this morning. It was very foggy…

This truck was on our street today…

I really liked the bear and dot-matrix glow around their logo…

Leicester beat Sheffield United 5-0…

We ordered El Taco Veloz from Doordash…

We found a really good one in El Taco Veloz. And they have dessert…


One year of working from home.

Today marks one year of working from home…

It’s going to be really hard to go back to the office after the last year.


Monday, March 15th.

One year ago, we went to Taft’s Brewpourium for the last time before every thing went into COVID-19 lockdown…



Six years ago, we were enjoying some Spring Training baseball out in Arizona with my parents…

It was such a great trip! Hopefully, we’ll get to go to some more baseball games this summer. 😀⚾️♥️

Sunday, March 14th.

Today was Pi Day (3.14) so we went to Taft’s for pizza pie…


Saturday, March 13th.

We found ourselves up in Centerville this morning. And we got to check out My Favorite Muffin

We both got bagel breakfast sammiches…

And we got four muffins…

This was sugar cookie muffin covered in sprinkles…

And there were more sprinkles inside the muffin…


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