Wednesday, March 17th.

We didn’t really do much for St. Patrick’s Day this year. But enjoy these classics…


The Big Dipper is back.

The Big Dipper is back at Pizza Hut for a limited time. And after a little badgering, Genifer finally agreed to let me order it for dinner. And tonight was the night! I ordered it from the Pizza Hut in St. Bernard and we ventured out to pick it up…

Odd enough, this photo from the first time I ever had Pizza Hut’s Big Dipper is my most favorited photo on Flickr. Kind of weird that’s the photo people liked the most.

I was so excited as I loaded it into our car, and it took up almost all of the entire back seat. We hadn’t had a Big Dipper in almost five years…

And there it is…

The Big Dipper…

It was really good stuff. But holy geez, that’s a lot of dippers. 😀🍕❤️

And now, I’m good on Big Dipper for another five years.

Working from home: Day 2.

Mack seems to have taken to me working from home pretty well…

He just crashed out on his dog bed in the office for most of the day while I worked on my stuff. He’s been really good hanging out with me so far. Genifer is at home too on Tuesdays. Oscar got to hang out with her all day. Oscar probably likes hanging out with her better because he gets to hang out with Genifer in one of the bigger rooms away from Mack for most of the day. 😀🐾❤️

Working from home isn’t too bad at all. Everything is going pretty smooth so far.

Over 20 million views.

My photos on Google Maps/Local Guides just went over 20 million views

It’s a pretty big accomplishment to me. It’s nice to still be popular. And it’s pretty neat.

Thanks for giving me another way to share my photos, Google! 😀🗺📷❤

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day was pretty much canceled this year due to COVID-19. Please enjoy these  photos that showed up today in my Timehop from St. Pat’s Day past…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the memories, Timehop.😀🦕🍀🇮🇪❤️

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