Local Guides ❤️ Google Play.

I earned another special perk from Google Maps and Local Guides

How cool is that? I think it’s really neat to receive little rewards for my contributions to Google Maps and Local Guides. It’s really not necessary both it sure is appreciated.

And… my photos on Google Maps just went over 13 million views!

Thanks, Google! 😀🗺️❤️

Fantasy basketball.

I’m playing Fantasy Basketball again this season…


I playing eight teams this year. Most of them are starting off the season pretty well so far. But two of my teams are still undefeated five weeks into the season…

Fantasy basketball is pretty dang fun. 😀🏀❤️

Fantasy football 2019.

I’m playing fantasy football again this year…


I went overboard with the drafts before the season started. I ended up with ten teams this season. The majority of my teams are doing pretty well so far with seven of my ten teams posting winning records. And my team, Giant Foam Fingers is undefeated…

I think fantasy football is so much fun. It makes the football season really interesting and enjoyable, especially when you’re winning. 😀🏈🏆❤️

Transit of Mercury.

While I was working today, I watched the Transit of Mercury across the Sun on Slooh.

Today, people across most of the world had the chance to catch the planet Mercury passing across the sun. This rare event won’t be seen from Earth again until 2032, so we put together this guide on the science behind the sight and how best to observe it yourself.

The smallest planet in the solar system is also the closest to our star, and occasionally it crosses in front of the sun’s bright disk from our perspective here on Earth. The last time this happened was in 2016, but after this upcoming transit, we’ll have to wait another 13 years to see the next one

The Transit of Mercury will occur only 14 times during the 21st century. As seen from Earth, only transits of Mercury and Venus are possible, because these are the only planets that lie between Earth and the sun. Transits of Venus occur in pairs separated by about eight years, with more than a century separating each pair.

Mercury began its journey across the sun at 7:35 am, and the entire transit took roughly 5 and a half hours, ending at 1:04 pm, according to NASA.

The planet currently looks like a tiny, traveling blemish on the sun’s face as it passes in front of the sun.

It was a really interesting program to listen to while I was working. 😀🌞❤️

Four years ago.

Four years ago today, I joined Timehop

I love checking my Timehop to celebrate our best memories, every day. It’s something I look forward to every morning. Timehop is pretty fun.😀🦕❤️

Most points in a day.

This morning I got my highest point total for a single check-in on my Swarm

And not surprisingly, I had my highest point total in a single day

I still really like my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️

Fantasy baseball 2019 wrap-up.

Like I said a couple weeks ago, I had five teams competing in ESPN head-to-head points leagues. Three of my teams didn’t do so well. But two of my teams made the playoffs in the winner’s bracket. My Team Action AutoDraft finished 12-9 on the season…

They entered the playoffs as the three seed…

But they ended up losing in the first round. And finished in third…

My other team that made the playoffs in winners bracket was my Team Angry Bears…

Like I said before, I finally beat Yankees Camargo…

And after really sweating out the round 1 win, the championship was a bit easier…

And so I earned myself another fantasy baseball championship

Fantasy baseball is pretty dang fun. 😀⚾️🏆❤️

468 Timehops in a row.

This morning I tallied my 468th Timehop in a row

Timehop is pretty fun. 😀🦕❤️

Fantasy baseball 2019.

I played fantasy baseball again this year. I played five teams this season. But I got massively distracted at the beginning of the season with my new job. And didn’t have a lot of time to keep up with my teams. Three of my teams were just terrible beyond repair. But I managed to salvage the season of two of my teams, got them both to a decent 12-9 record and willed them both into the winner’s bracket of the playoffs as the fourth seeds.

So now it’s playoff time for fantasy baseball. My Team Angry Bears were pitted against the one seed in the bracket, Yankees Camargo. And all three times I played Yankees Camargo during the regular season, I lost.

But this time in the playoffs, when it mattered the most, I finally beat them…

And that’s pretty dang awesome. On to the championship!

Unfortunately, my Team Action Autodraft team lost in the first round, and will now be playing for third place. 😀⚾️🏆❤️ 

Thanks, Timehop.

These popped up in my Timehop this morning…

Oh, the good old days of FC Cincinnati Orlando City B in the USL. I miss those days. And four years ago, we stopped for milkshakes on our way up to Michigan

Also, look how little Violette and Edgerton used to be. Thanks for the memories, Timehop. 😀🦕❤️