Happy Fourth of July!

Good morning from Northside…

People were shooting off a few firework at the end of our street…

And then there fireworks at both ends of our street…

And we could even see fireworks from our backyard…

The ones we saw in our backyard were my favorites. We’ve seen some really great firework displays from our house over the last five years…

And speaking of five years ago, this weekend we were just moving into our house…

We could hear the fireworks popping late into the night. And it was just a pretty lazy Fourth of July. 😀🌄🏡🇺🇸🎆❤️

Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Independence Day, everybody! We hope you have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July and get to see some fireworks too. 😀🇺🇸❤️

ps. Here’s some Fourth of July trivia from the Smithsonian.

One year ago today…

We watched a pretty spectacular fireworks display right from our front lawn…

I hope we get to see some more fireworks tonight! 😀🎇🎆❤️🇺🇸

Happy Fourth of July.

Fourth of July fireworks.

People a couple streets over from us were setting off fireworks most of the evening. Like really legit fireworks. It was pretty much a full blown Rozzi’s Reds Friday Night Fireworks display just spread out over a much longer amount of time. I think they were shooting off fireworks for around two hours. We enjoyed the show right from the comfort of our front porch…

And then they set off their grand finale

Very impressive. Afterwards our street was filled with smoke…

It was a pretty spectacular end to an amazing first weekend in Northside. 🙂

Seen and noted.


Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Happy Fourth of July!

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