Seen and noted.

I’m sooo in love with this artwork hanging in the window of Plaza Art Materials at the corner of Main and Seventh Streets…

Taken with Instagram. 😀🎨😍❤️

Tag. You’re it.

Tag! You’re it. 😀🖌️❤️

Seen and noted.

On our way home from Higher Gravity, I saw the remnants of what looked to be a bear sticker on one of the windows of the empty retail space at the Gantry…

I thought it was kind of neat. And I like bears. 😀🐻❤️

Seen and noted.

I was running a couple of errands around downtown this morning. And on my way back to the office, I saw this little guy in the crosswalk at Sixth and Walnut Streets…

I wonder what his story is? It reminds me a lot of the Toynbee Tiles around downtown. I’ll have to keep an eye out to try to see if there are any more of them around downtown Cincinnati. 😀🏙️🤖❤️

Celebrating big wins.

We celebrated a big win this afternoon at Deskey…

Taken with Instagram. 😀🍾❤️

Good morning from Northside.

You forget just how pretty the mornings are when the sun is actually out…

It was amazing how different the sky was when we were just about to head out…

What a beautiful way to start the day. Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌆❤️

Pause for paws.

A bunch of Oscar photos popped up in my Timehop this morning…

And here’s one from this morning…

Timehop is pretty fun. 😀🦕❤

I ❤️ cashews.

I ❤️ cashews. They are hands down, far and away my favorite nut. That is all. 😀🥜❤️

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