A tour of Northside eats.

The sunrise was pretty this morning…

We had to move our cars this morning because they were supposed to start working on our street…

Before we moved our cars, we stopped for coffee at Sidewinder

We found parking spots for both of our cars around the corner on Pullan Street…

And then we took the dogs on their morning walk…

Good morning from Northside…

I got a cinnamon roll for breakfast at Sidewinder…

At lunchtime, there still wasn’t any work taking place on our street…

We walked to back over to Morsel & Nosh for lunch…

We saw on their Instagram that they had a Cubano sammich as a special today. And it looked delicious

It was every bit as delicious as it looked. We love our lunches for Morsel & Nosh.

And for dinner, we walked down to Gulow Street

We met our neighbor friends at Gulow Street. And while we were there, we ran into our other neighbors and got to talk to them for a while. Now we have two neighbor friends on our street.

Good night from Northside…

We love our neighborhood. 😀🌄☕️🥪🍔🐾❤️

Lunch from Morsel & Nosh.

Good morning from Northside…

This afternoon we walked over to Morsel & Nosh for lunch…

Genifer ordered the tuna melt…

And I ordered The Violet. It was delicious house-made chicken salad with lettuce on a soft and flaky croissant..

And I added a slice of American cheese. Whenever possible, I always add a slice of cheese. Cheese makes the best stuff even better. They were terrific sammiches. We can’t wait to go back to Morsel & Nosh for lunch again very soon.

Good evening from Northside…

Our HelloFresh meal tonight was Sheet Pan Turkey-Meatball Flatbreads with mozzarella, bellpepper and onions…

Their flatbreads are some of my favorite meals.

This evening we put this little pet memorial for Svensk under our tree in our side yard next to our pet memorial for Milan…

I miss the kitty so much. I think about her every day. 😀🌄🥪🥐🍽️🐱👼❤️

Higher Gravity: Meet the Brewery.

After dinner at Bistro Grace, we stopped by Higher Gravity for another edition of Meet the Brewery. This week’s brewery was BrewDog USA from over by Columbus by way of Scotland. There were also cheese pairings for each beer supplied by Morsel & Nosh, a new cheese shop/delicatessen coming soon to Northside. Per Morsel & Nosh…

We have chosen a classic Muenster to pair with BrewDog’s 5am Saint Red Ale; the subtle flavor of this mild cheese goes well with the caramel notes of the red ale.

We’ve chosen a Northern France Triple Cream Brie to go with the Jet Black Heart Milk Stout; the rich cream goes well with the cacao and coffee notes of the stout.

The pairing we were the most surprised was the combination of a spicy Wildfire Blue cheese with the Elvis Juice IPA. When tasted alone the Elvis Juice has a forward hoppy/floral note and with the Wildfire Blue cheese the citrus notes really pop.

We’ve never been to a beer and cheese pairing before. It was interesting to taste the beer, taste the cheese and then the beer with the cheese and taste how the flavors of the cheeses accentuated the flavors of the beers. And we found it all very interesting and very tasty. 😀🍺🍻🧀❤️

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