Meet the Brewery: BrewDog.

Tonight, BrewDog USA was back at Higher Gravity. They were tapping a brewery only release single hop IPA from BrewDog called StrataHop. It was described as, “citrus and tropical with just a hint of weed.”

It wasn’t bad. We’re just not a huge fan of IPAs. The other BrewDog beer they had on tap was Choco Libre Nitro Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout. And it was pretty amazing…

It was a wonderful stout with the perfect amount of heat on the back end…

It’s become one of our new favorite beers. We love Higher Gravity. They always have something delicious on tap. 😀🇲🇽🍺❤️

Higher Gravity: Meet the Brewery.

After dinner at Bistro Grace, we stopped by Higher Gravity for another edition of Meet the Brewery. This week’s brewery was BrewDog USA from over by Columbus by way of Scotland. There were also cheese pairings for each beer supplied by Morsel & Nosh, a new cheese shop/delicatessen coming soon to Northside. Per Morsel & Nosh…

We have chosen a classic Muenster to pair with BrewDog’s 5am Saint Red Ale; the subtle flavor of this mild cheese goes well with the caramel notes of the red ale.

We’ve chosen a Northern France Triple Cream Brie to go with the Jet Black Heart Milk Stout; the rich cream goes well with the cacao and coffee notes of the stout.

The pairing we were the most surprised was the combination of a spicy Wildfire Blue cheese with the Elvis Juice IPA. When tasted alone the Elvis Juice has a forward hoppy/floral note and with the Wildfire Blue cheese the citrus notes really pop.

We’ve never been to a beer and cheese pairing before. It was interesting to taste the beer, taste the cheese and then the beer with the cheese and taste how the flavors of the cheeses accentuated the flavors of the beers. And we found it all very interesting and very tasty. 😀🍺🍻🧀❤️