Today was a beautiful day.

Good morning from Northside…

It was such a beautiful morning. Time for Legos…

Day ten of my Lego City Advent Calendar…

We made delicious boiler sammiches for lunch today. Mine was Cajun chicken breast with American cheese on Hawaiian bread with Backyard BBQ Kettle Chips…

Both of us don’t have to work tomorrow. It took a bit longer to finish up my projects for the week but I finally got them wrapped up. And then we took the dogs on their walk around the block…

The sky was just so pretty all day today. And it was almost 60º today. I guess that’s what happens when it’s not grey and overcast and the sun actually comes out to play.

Tonight, we watched some of the Thursday night football game as the Rams hammered the once great New England Patriots.

When we go upstairs for the night, Mack will come upstairs with us and hang out for a little bit. But then he’ll wander off to sleep downstairs in our second-floor studio office at night…

Most of the time he’ll come upstairs in the middle of the night or really early in the morning. During the day, he wanders off to sleep in our bedroom on the third-floor. He hangs out with us in the afternoon and evening and then he sleeps most of the night in the second-floor studio. We think he just likes sleeping undisturbed without us moving around and waking him up and stuff. He’s so good and doesn’t cause any mischief so we just let him sleep where he wants. But he’s an oddball. And that’s like we like him so much. 😀🌄🥪🐾📺🏈❤️

BrewDog Cincinnati.

After getting in some morning holiday shopping, this afternoon we headed downtown to Over-the-Rhine’s next-door neighbor, Pendleton to check out the brand new BrewDog Cincinnati taproom

In April 2007, in a godforsaken industrial estate in northeast Scotland, BrewDog came howling into the world. BrewDog has two breweries. The original is in Aberdeen, Scotland and the other is in Columbus, Ohio. The Cincinnati taproom just opened…

Two hours south of our American HQ we opened an 8,500 sq ft beer mecca. With 24 taps of craft beer glory, a mezzanine chock full of games, and a beer school space for everything beer geekery, BrewDog Cincinnati is THE place to experience craft beer in The Queen City.

We’ve tried a few of the BrewDog beers before here and there. BrewDog was a guest at the HIgher Gravity Meet the Brewer on two different occasions

The inside is huuuuge…

We started with a Choco-Libre and a Jet Black Heart

The Choco Libre is a Mexican-spiced hot chocolate infused imperial stout. And Jet Black Heart is a 4.7% milk stout, loaded with oatmeal. Both beers were really outstanding!

We shared their $6 Tuesday burger special…

Terrific burger. I don’t know how someone could take down one of these monsters without any help. And the fries were great too. After finishing, we also tried one of their beer slushies (it was kinda weird), and an outstanding Renegade chocolate and peanut butter buckeye white stout…

And Genifer bought me one share of stock in BrewDog

Now we get 5% off our tab and a whole bunch of other cool benefits. Before we left, I went up to take a peek at BrewDog’s upstairs game area…

BrewDog Beer School…

It’s such an awesome space…

I have a feeling we’ll be coming back to BrewDog a lot. After all, we own part of the bar! 😀🍺🐶🍔🍟❤️

Getting in some Christmas shopping.

We both had the day off work today. Genifer doesn’t usually work on Tuesdays and I’ve been trying to use up my vacation days before the end of the year. So this morning, we went and got coffee from Biggby and then went to the mall. The last time I went to the mall was over two years ago…

Do you think this is the last Sbarro on Earth? They used to be everywhere…

It was kinda fun to wander around the mall. We got a few things not a whole bunch. I definitely still have a bunch of Christmas shopping left to do. 😀🛍️❤️

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