They’re our best friends too.

This morning we picked up Oscar and Mack from Best Friends. And they had Oscar’s and Mack’s photos on the TV in their lobby…

I think Mack had a lot of fun over the weekend. Because he didn’t want to leave. It was either that or he really hates riding in the car. Maybe a little bit of both. He has a lot of anxiety about rididng in the car. Have I mentioned how much I like the people at Best Friends? They’re pretty awesome. 😀🐾❤️

Pause for paws.

This morning Best Friends sent us a couple of photos of the buddies playing outside…

Best Friends is a pretty awesome place. 😀🐾🌈❤️

Best Friends.

This morning we dropped the buddies off at Best Friends to play for the weekend…

Best Friends is the nicest pet boarding spot I’ve found, and the people there are so nice. Oscar doesn’t really like being around a lot of other dogs so we got him the Individual Play & Stay with private walks and one-on-one time with people. Mack loves socializing and playing with other dogs so we got him Group Play & Stay. I hope our guys had a good time there this weekend. 😀🐾🌈❤️

They guys seemed pretty tuckered out when we picked them up Monday morning.

A Thursday evening in Northside.

This evening we dropped off our cable boxes and remotes to Spectrum to finally be done with cable once and for all. After that, we planned on stopping by the relatively new Mad Tree taproom in Oakley for a happy hour event. Their space is really massive and oddly the amount of parking is not. We drove around the parking lot looking for a spot twice before calling it quits and heading back to Northside. We stopped at Higher Gravity on the way home. They were hosting a Star Wars Hans Solo event featuring some beers from Woodburn Brewery… 

Higher Gravity had some beers that had really great package design…

And on the way home, we stopped at Chameleon to grab a couple of delicious pizza slices to take home with us…

It was another fun night in Northside. 😀🍺❤️

Pause for paws.

Before work this morning, we took Oscar to his new groomers to get his haircut…

This is our second time taking him to VCA College Hill Animal Hospital

And Genifer picked him up this afternoon…

He looks so handsome! They do such a nice job with him. Just look at how handsome he looks! Our handsome little guy. 😀🐾✂️❤️

Westside Sunday.

We had to run some more errands this afternoon and we found ourselves once again on the Westside of Cincinnati. And that was cool with us because we got to catch a little bit of Genifer’s nephew’s baseball game…

I think we’re good over on the Westside for a minute. 😀⚾️⬅️❤️

Stuffed Mushroom Saturday.

We ran a bunch of errands today. We also took Genifer’s nephew out to dinner for his birthday. But the highlight of the day was stopping at Longhorn for lunch because they had this stuffed mushroom appetizer that was out of this world…

I love me some stuffed mushrooms. 😀🍄❤️

Genifer had Lasik surgery.

This afternoon Genifer had Lasik surgery at Lasik Plus in Kenwood

She was really nervous but powered through the procedure. We were at the doctor for about forty-five minutes. But the actual procedure only took about ten minutes, and then she was on her way home…

She was told to go home and take a four-hour nap. After she woke up from her nap, she could see just fine without contacts or glasses. She has to put medicated eyedrops in her eyes for the next couple weeks. And she can’t rub her eyes for some time while her eyes heal. But that’s pretty much that. It’s rather amazing what modern medical science can do nowadays. And that are people with the knowledge and intestinal fortitude to perform these procedures. 😀🏥👁️❤️

Some Saturday errands.

We ran some errands late this morning into the early afternoon. We ran over to the Westside to sign our taxes and get those in the mail. We’re happy to report that we’re looking forward to a pretty nice return from the federal but we owed a little to the state. So we’re happy that taxes are done for another year. From there, we ran over to Tire Discounters on North Bend Road. We’ve been having a slow leak in our passenger rear tire. It’s never gone completely flat because we kept putting air in it. But then a few days later the tire pressure warning light would come back on. While we were waiting for our tire to be fixed, we spied a Skyline down the street. So instead of waiting in the tire waiting room, we walked down the road and had lunch at Skyline! Genifer and I haven’t had Skyline together in forever…

While we were at Skyline, Genifer found this sticker in Swarm that we didn’t know existed. And it’s funny because well, it’s named Oscar…

Mmmm, cheese coneys…

The tire place said your rear tires had near bald spots on them so we had the rear tires replaced. So now we have four brand new tires on our car and we should be good on the whole tire thing for a while again…

Errands aren’t that much fun. Buying new tires isn’t that much fun either. But the Skyline was outstanding. 😀🧀🌭❤️

My six-week post-op checkup.

This afternoon I had my six-week post-operation checkup…

It’s pretty crazy to think that it’s already been six weeks since my hip surgery

They took a couple of x-rays of my new hip. My doctor said that everything looked great on the x-rays. And he said that it looked like I was walking very well with my new hip. Everyone at The Christ Hospital did such an amazing job with this entire procedure. It’s incredible to think that just six weeks after my surgery, I’m walking unassisted without crutches or a cane and without any pain. I’m not going to post photos of the x-rays in this blog post but you can see them here, here, and both of them here. They’re not gross or anything but I know some people might be squeamish about that sort of thing. And that’s okay. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about seeing them. But I was kind of in awe of them. Looking at the x-rays, it’s just pretty crazy to think that piece of hardware is inside of me along with one very sizeable screw. And what really struck me after looking at the x-rays is that the whole thing didn’t hurt more. You’d think there would have been some amount of rather horrific pain afterwards. But that wasn’t the case at all. There was very little pain after my surgery and throughout the entire recovery process. I hope everything goes just as smoothly with my next hip surgery because this one wasn’t really that bad at all.

Next week, I have my last two sessions of physical therapy and then I’m done with everything for a few months until I have my other hip replaced at the end of June, physical therapy in July and I’ll be good as new by August.  😀🏥❤️

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