Urban Artifact & Wildfire Pizza.

Oscar was watching us leave from our front window this afternoon…

“Hey, hey. Where are you going?” Sorry, buddy. We were heading out to walk over to have a beer at one of our favorite spots, Urban Artifact

And we wanted to finally check out their new wood-fired pizza kitchen located just across the courtyard called Wildfire Pizza Kitchen

We’ve been drooling over their photos on Instagram for a while now. We were really excited to try it. We each ordered a personal-sized pizza and cheese bread…

Cheese bread…

My Dad’s Favorite meat-za…

And Genifer’s Super Hawaiian…

Their pizza is outstanding! We’re always happy to have another great pizza place in the neighborhood. Northside is quickly becoming the best pizza neighborhood in Cincinnati. And we love it! 😀🍺🍕❤️

Happy Sweetest Day!

Happy Sweetest Day! 😀🌼🌺❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Tag! You’re it.

Tag! You’re it, sinner. 😀🎨🖌️❤️

S’mores Night at Higher Gravity.

You have to hand it to Higher Gravity. Every Thursday night, they do something really interesting. Whether it’s a rare keg or Meet the Brewery, it’s almost always something we feel like we don’t want to miss. Tonight was no exception. It was Grateful Grahams S’mores Night with Braxton Brewing’s Dark Charge Imperial Stout

It was such a fun night. The Grateful Graham graham crackers were out of this world and made such amazing s’mores that really complimented Braxton’s delicious Dark Charge. Next Thursday’s event is Candy & Beer featuring the beers from Jackie O’s and Streetside paired with different Halloween candy…

And more than likely, we’ll see you there! 😀🍻❤️

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Good evening form Northside.

We got home and took the dogs on a walk, ate some chili and then the dogs wanted to go in the backyard. When I looked in our backyard, we saw the most incredible sunset…

It was one of the prettiest sunsets I think we’ve seen from our backyard. Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Tonight, Genifer made some delicious chili in the crock-pot for dinner…

YUM! 😀🌶️❤️

Good morning from Northside.

It was a little bit foggy this morning. Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

It was this kind of Sunday.

It was an NYPD cheese pizza sort of really lazy Sunday…

I’m not exactly sure how cajun seasoned fries came to replace cheese garlic bread in our normal NYPD order but I’m not complaining. Because we love our NYPD cheese pizza! 😀🍕🐔🍟❤️

Home Sweet Home.

We walked through an open house across the street from us. The house was smaller than ours but it was really super cute. It didn’t have much of a backyard. But it had a pretty amazing back deck. When we were up on the third floor across the street from home, I snapped this photo of our house…

It seems there’s always something you could be working on, fixing up or updating but I still love our house so much. 😀🏡❤️