This showed up in my Timehop today from one year ago

OctoSquishies! #WhereAreMyQuarters? I need to get some OctoSquishies! 😀🐙❤️

Brown and Cony Life.

I’ve pretty much gone off the Instagrams of late. But still, I scroll through now and then to check out a few of my favorite Instagram accounts. One of my favorites for a while now has been Milk & Mocha and another of my favorites has quickly become Brown and Cony Life.

Brown is a bear and Cony is a bunny. And their Instagram follows their interactions that are just so cute and their adventures are so random and everyday normal life. It’s also very Asian and the translated captions are pretty funny sometimes. But I just find it so cute and so funny.

Like when Brown & Cony went out to eat and the comic follows Cony’s whole routine to capture all her photos of the outing to upload to her social media…

And then the post the next day was a drawing of Cony’s photo collage…

It’s funny to me because it’s just what everyone does. Brown & Cony Life is pretty cute. And they upload a new post every night at midnight. 😀📷🐻🐰❤️

Skin in the game.

I’ve been working on this shopper in-store display project for Gillette Venus featuring four-time world surfing champion and US Olympic hopeful, Carissa Moore for almost a year now. And all the hard work is finally paying off because the displays are starting to show up in stores. We found the displays that I designed first in Walgreens and then Meijer. This afternoon the group creative director at Grey Midwest presented all the work we did on this project to the entire creative department. I snagged a few of the photos of the endcap he used is his presentation…

His photos were styled much better than mine. During his presentation, he had a bunch of really nice things to say about me. And after his presentation, he had some really nice things to say about me in a group chat with the creative department as well…

This display was inspired by an outdoor shower at the beach. After his presentation, I posted this end cap display to my design Instagram along with the initial design theme mood board, my concept sketch, the final rendering, and the photos…

Not long after I posted to Instagram, I noticed Carissa Moore liked my post…

And that makes the whole thing pretty dang cool. 😀💻🏄‍♀️❤️


Tomorrow is free breakfast sandwich Thursday again at Sunny Blu Coffeehouse! Thursdays are my new favorite day. 😀☕️🥐❤️

Loving it.

I was really loving these stickers on a minivan that was parked on our street…

Taken with Instagram. 😀🐰😍🥰❤️

Today was really COLD!

It was really cold today. I’m pretty sure it was the coldest day of the year so far…

And it started snowing when we were out walking the dogs tonight…

Brrrrr! 🥶🌨️❄️❤️

Milk & Mocha Bear.

I think Milk & Mocha Bear are just so cute…

They remind me so much of the relationship Genifer and I have together. 😀🐻❤️

Our Best Nines.

These are our Instagram Best Nine for 2019. Here’s Genifer’s Best Nine

Here’s Oscar’s Best Nine

Here’s my Best Nine

And here’s my design Best Nine

I need to do a better job with Instagram in the new year. I want to post a lot more photos of Oscar just because he’s so cute and so funny. I need to come up with a better approach to the content on my Instagram so that it doesn’t overlap the content here on our blog as much. And now that the blog is finally caught up and current, I can finally start working on more personal, fun design projects and start sharing those on my design Instagram. 😀📷9⃣❤️

Merry Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve. 😀🎄🎅🎁❤️

Words of wisdom.

I love Matt Haig’s Instagram. His positivity and assurances are pretty awesome…

And I really like one of the comments from this last post, “It’s none of my business what people think of me.” 😀👍❤️

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