We had a pretty low-key Saturday.

Good morning from Northside…

We got lunch from NYPD…

I forgot to take a photo of our lunch. I think we ordered hoagie sammiches.

Good evening from Northside…

And we watched Minnesota United beat Houston 2-0

And then we watched the last full day of the Olympics. It’s hard to believe they’re almost over already. But we sure have enjoyed watching them.

And we just had a pretty low-key Saturday. 😀🌄🥪🍟📺⚽️❤️

Hooray for Fridays.

Good morning from Northside…

We ran over to Mad Llama to get some coffee before we started work…

And then I wrapped up my projects for the week…

We had the rest of our pizza for dinner and then it was good evening from Northside…

And we played ball in the backyard for another half-hour. I think playing ball is Bear’s favorite part of his day. Oscar’s favorite part is probably going on walks. I think Mack just likes everything. He’s just a very happy dog.

I just like it when the workweek is over and we can enjoy the weekend. 😀🗓️❤️

Brown and Cony Life.

I’ve pretty much gone off the Instagrams of late. But still, I scroll through now and then to check out a few of my favorite Instagram accounts. One of my favorites for a while now has been Milk & Mocha and another of my favorites has quickly become Brown and Cony Life.

Brown is a bear and Cony is a bunny. And their Instagram follows their interactions that are just so cute and their adventures are so random and everyday normal life. It’s also very Asian and the translated captions are pretty funny sometimes. But I just find it so cute and so funny.

Like when Brown & Cony went out to eat and the comic follows Cony’s whole routine to capture all her photos of the outing to upload to her social media…

And then the post the next day was a drawing of Cony’s photo collage…

It’s funny to me because it’s just what everyone does. Brown & Cony Life is pretty cute. And they upload a new post every night at midnight. 😀📷🐻🐰❤️

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