Camp Washington Chili.

Today, we stumbled across Camp Washington Chili

Camp Washington Chili is a fixture in the Cincinnati Chili scene. Since 1940, Camp Washington Chili has been proudly serving up chili from the one and only Camp Washington Chili Parlor! I knew of them because they sponsored the coney eating contests on Fountain Square. And their coneys are really good. We hadn’t been looking very hard for Camp Washington Chili or anything. I knew it was over by us somewhere. But I wasn’t exactly sure where it was. And today, we just drove right by it. I learned that Camp Washington is just south of Northside. It’s tucked in between the I-75 to the east and Mill Creek to the West.

Now that we know exactly where Camp Washington Chili is, we’ll have to stop and give it a try sometime soon. 😀🧀🌭❤️

Rhinegeist on Spring Grove?

We took a different way home from work this evening. We went home up Spring Grove Avenue and we passed by this huge new building in Camp Washington just around the corner from Northside…

It must be a Rhinegeist brewing or canning facility. I wonder if they’re going to put a taproom in there as well? I guess we’ll have to wait and see… 😀👻❤️