Thursday, March 11.

Today was my 1000th Timehop in a row…


1000 pieces of jigsaw.

We started this 1000 piece North American jigsaw puzzle this afternoon…

One thousand is a lot of pieces. 😀🧩❤️

Most points in a day.

This morning I got my highest point total for a single check-in on my Swarm

And not surprisingly, I had my highest point total in a single day

I still really like my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️

Up over 1000 again.

Yesterday, I had another 1000+ point Monday on my Swarm

I still really like my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️

My Swarm July recap.

Every now and then, Swarm sends me a monthly recap. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t happen every month or with any real consistency. This morning, I happened to get a recap from Swarm for my July check-ins. We did a bunch of fun stuff in July. And I have the Swarm check-ins to prove it…

And I had another 3000+ point week on my Swarm

Annnd… I had another 1000+ point Monday

I still really like my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️


Just recently, we surpassed the 1000 post milestone here at T+G! It’s not too shabby of an accomplishment considering we’ve been posting to T+G for less than two years

Thanks for stopping by to see what we’ve been up to lately. 😀📮❤️

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