Hello from downtown Cincinnati.

Hello from downtown Cincinnati. 😀🌆❤️

Remember Frank?

Do you remember Frank? He’s the turtle we rescued from getting squished while he was trying to cross a very busy Hamilton Avenue. These photos of him popped up today in my Timehop…

Every time we drive up Hamilton Avenue into College Hill, we always comment to each other to look out for Franks. We hope he’s doing okay in his new home. 😀🐢🦕❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Hello July. And good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Hello, November.

This morning November got off to a cold and rainy start…

Taken with Instagram. 😀☔️❤️

We saved a turtle named Frank.

This morning we went to pick up our groceries from Kroger via ClickList (quite possibly one of the greatest inventions ever) and afterward, we stopped to get at Dunkin to get some breakfast foodstuffs…

On our way back home driving down Hamilton Avenue, Genifer spotted a turtle on the center line trying to cross Hamilton Avenue. I had her pull over to the side of the road and I ran back to pick up the turtle so had didn’t get smooshed by a car or bus…

We were pretty shocked that he made it to the center line without getting run over. I hopped back in our car with the turtle, and Genifer immediately named him Frank. We took Frank down Hamilton Avenue to Parker Woods. There is a little marshy area that we thought a turtle would find to be turtle paradise…

As soon as we set him down on the edge of the path, he immediately started booking it into the dense underbrush…

We hope Frank likes his new home. 😀🐢❤️


For some reason, WordPress thought it necessary to send a notification congratulating us on our 1337th post to our blog

I could understand it if it was the 1300th post or the 1350th post or definitely the 1500th post. But celebrating the 1337th post? Seems a little bit odd to me. It’s very specific. But hey, I guess you gotta celebrate the little things too! 😀📮❤️

Valentine’s Day blooms.

The Valentine’s Day flowers I got Genifer are really beginning to bloom…

As it the Valentine’s Day Koala she got me…

Taken with Instagram. 😀🌺🐨❤️

Pause for paws.

Hello kitty. 😀🐱❤️

It was a great day!

My wife is awesome! Thanks for making it such a great birthday, baby! And thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful birthday wishes! Taken with Instagram. 😀🎂❤️


Just recently, we surpassed the 1000 post milestone here at T+G! It’s not too shabby of an accomplishment considering we’ve been posting to T+G for less than two years

Thanks for stopping by to see what we’ve been up to lately. 😀📮❤️

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