Look up in the sky.

I took this photo with my Instagram on my way home from a cold, snowy and grey downtown this evening…

Later, I ran the same photo through some filters and made some adjustments in Flickr, and actually like this result better…

By the time I got home to Northside, the sun was out. And the sky was really pretty from our backyard…

So I guess, a ‘good evening from Northside’ is also in order. 😀☁️⛅️📷❤️

A snowy day in downtown Cincinnati.

It was cold and snowy day downtown Cincinnati this afternoon. The forecast called snow squalls throughout the day. I don’t know that we ever really got snow squalls. But it would snow for a bit. And then the sun would come out. And then it would get all grey and start to snow again. It was a really interesting day as far as the weather goes. I grabbed a video of the snow on my Instagram as well as a couple of videos of the snow with my little Polaroid CUBE because I found myself just staring out my window at work watching the snowflakes fall…

It’s nothing like the snow they’ve been getting out in Boston but still pretty “brrrr.” nonethlesss. 🌨️❄️❤️

Apple Spice boxed lunch.

There were a handful of leftover boxed lunches from Apple Spice after some meetings in our building today. I grabbed an extra Chicken Club boxed lunch…

The Chicken Club sammich was really tasty and the lunch came with a bag of chippers, a pickle, cookie and an Andes mint…

As far as boxed lunches go, it was a really good boxed lunch. 😀🥪🥒🍪❤️

We run on Dunkin.

Genifer was out of K-Cups so I picked some up from Dunkin Donuts on Court Street on the way home and I also brought home some Munchkins…

It’s been a little while since I’ve had me some Munchkins and they were every bit as good as I remember them. They say that “America runs on Dunkin.™” And this weekend, so will we. 😀🍩☕️❤️

Taken with Instagram.

It was a grey and rainy start to March in downtown Cincinnati…

Taken with Instagram. 😀☔️❤️

It’s Skyline time.

It was Skyline Time for lunch today! YUM! 😀🧀🌭❤

Keep an eye on your email.

Because someone might bring some delicious Holtman’s Donuts into the office…

And if you don’t see the email right away, this is what happens…

All the really good Holtman Donuts will be gone. And you’ll only have three donuts to choose from. And it will make you so sad. 😀🍩😭❤️


One year ago today, we got this awesome Twister selfie at the Cyclones game

Thanks for remembering, Timehop! We haven’t made it to one Cyclones hockey game yet this season. We’re hoping to get to at least one game in March now that I’m actually able to walk a better. And we definitely can’t wait to get back our normal schedule of Cyclones hockey games next season once my hips are good again. 😀👇📷🏒❤️

J. Gumbo’s.

I really like J.Gumbo’s Bourbon Street Chicken with an extra slice of garlic bread…

It’s good stuff. And I love garlic bread. 😀🍜❤️

Gearing up for another season with FC|C.

FC Cincinnati has a new kit for their third season of exciting USL soccer action. So this afternoon, I crutched my way across downtown to the FC Cincinnati Team Store to pick up my brand new FC Cincinnati home jersey that had just arrived…

It was supposed to be all bang-bang, in and out but I made the mistake of stopping to look at the other new merch in the store. On the women’s side, I was really digging on these two FC|C sweatshirts for Genifer…

After a quick consultation via text with Genifer, she decided on the blue hoodie. What’s awesome about hoodies like this is that they zip up extra high on the neck. And they’re hoodies. Genifer got me an Arsenal hoodie for Christmas that has an extra high zip and it’s quickly become one of my very favorite sweatshirts. Because of the zip and well, it’s a navy Arsenal hoodie.

Also with the first real preseason match right against Nashville SC right around the corner on March 3rd, I figured I might as well pick up a couple of FC Cincinnati winter hats in case the weather decides to get all wintery on us again. I got one of each of these stocking caps. We’ll bicker about who gets to wear which one later. I’m just kidding, we don’t bicker. At all…

I got myself a new FC Cincinnati hoodie with a high zip as well…

And it has an embroidered crest on the arm…

And here’s my new FC|C 2018 home jersey…

I’m a little disappointed in it. Both the Nike logo and Toyota sponsor are part of the fabric of the jersey. On last season’s jersey, the Nike logo was embroidered and the Toyota logo was an applique. Also, I feel like I’m going to have to be extra careful with the FC|C crest. At first glance, it seems like you could easily peel it right off. It’s just kind of crazy that both sweatshirts I purchased feel like much more quality items than the jersey. And I really dig the extra little-embroidered details both of the sweatshirts have. Plus, the two sweatshirts combined cost just a little bit more than one jersey. To be honest, right now the jersey is just a little bit whomp-whomp to me. I’m sure it’ll grow on me as we get into the season. Oh well, #JoinTheMarch, right?

We’ll pick Genifer up a new jersey just as soon as FC Cincinnati announces when women’s or kids sizes are going to be in stock. 😀⚽️🔷🔶❤️

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