A quick trip to GABP.

Good morning from Northside…

We had to run a couple of errands this morning, and we picked up McDonald’s on the way home. We literally haven’t had McDonald’s in years…

And now we can go another five or so years before we have it again.

Good evening from Northside…

Today was the 10-year anniversary of our first date. We went to a Reds game. Tonight, the Reds actually had a home game against the Cubs. So we went down to GABP to celebrate where it all started ten years ago…

Ten years ago, we sat down the first baseline. We were waited too long to get tickets for today’s game, and got tickets up in the upper deck down the third baseline, where we used to sit back when we had our season tickets…

The Reds just recently increased capacity at GABP from 30% to 40%. The seating set-up was really weird. If we would have sat in our assigned seats, we would have been sitting right in front of people in the row behind us. We didn’t understand how that was maintaining our six feet of social distancing. It kind of made us uncomfortable, so we ventured off to find somewhere to stand to watch the game. Hopefully, someplace with some sun because it was kinda chilly at he ballpark tonight…

We only stayed at the game for a few innings. We were cold and we were leaving in the morning on our road trip. We packed it in so we could go home to finish packing and hang out with Mack and Oscar…

It was incredible to be back at GABP. It was already our third Reds game of the season…

And now we’re all packed for our road trip tomorrow…

We’re excited to start our adventure. 😀🌄🍔🍟⚾️❤️

Ten years ago.

Today was the 10-year anniversary of our first date. We went to a Reds game…

And then we went to listen to a couple of bands at a bar that no longer exists…

It was a really amazing night. And the rest, as they say, is history. 😀⚾🎶😍🥰❤️

COVID-19 Carryout: Django Western Taco.

This evening we went to get some carry out from Django Western Taco to celebrate the nine-year anniversary of our very first date

We shared chips & salsa, a jerk chicken quesadilla and an order of churros…

And I ordered two fried chicken tacos with pimento cheese…

Everything was delicious. We love Django Western Taco so much. 😀🌮❤️

Google Nest Wifi.

We get our wifi through Cincinnati Bell. We have a 500mbps plan. In theory, it should be pretty fast. It’s worked really well for us. But then again, we haven’t really pushed it too hard. With all the working at home for the last few weeks, I’m always downloading and uploading pretty sizeable files, and our wifi has struggled to keep up especially when it comes to all the video conferencing for meetings. We decided to replace our Cincinnati Bell provided router and try a router and point for Google Nest Wifi

I’m a designer, not an IT professional so I don’t completely understand all of this. But a traditional, single router provides relatively limited coverage. It becomes spotty the farther away you are from it. Google Nest wifi claimed to blanket the whole house in fast, reliable wifi that keeps buffering at bay without the need for wifi extenders. One Nest router with one point provides coverage up to 3800 square feet. The white one is the router and the blue one is the point…

The website said it’s strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices (I need more devices) and it’s fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time. We put the router in our front bedroom on the second floor…

And we placed the point down the hallway in our office…

And each Nest point is also a smart speaker with the Google Assistant. The wifi set-up was ridiculously easy through the Google Home app. And now are internet speeds are off the charts. This the speed test from Google Home…


But I mainly use an app called Meteor to check our internet speeds. This is what our speeds were with our old router from Cincinnati Bell…

And these are our speeds with the Google Nest wifi router and point…

And here’s the speed mid-morning when everyone is on the network…

Night and day difference. Our wifi is so fast now. It’s really great. To me, Google Nest is definitely worth the money! And once we return the router to Cincinnati Bell, we’ll be saving $10 a month on our wifi bill. So eventually, the Google Nest wifi will pay for itself some day. 😀📡❤️

Genifer also got this new rug for our master bathroom…

I love it.

The perfect end to a perfect evening.

After the Reds win, we walked up to Mainstay Rock Bar to check out You, You’re Awesome
Main Stay RockbarMain Stay Rockbar
Awesome. And after YYA, BAD VEINS were playing!!! Both of us absolutely adore this band.
Main Stay Rockbar
Main Stay Rockbar
Main Stay Rockbar
Main Stay Rockbar
Main Stay Rockbar
It was the first time Genifer had ever seen Bad Veins live. And they were outstanding,
as usual. This was just one of the magical nights in downtown Cincinnati. And without
a doubt in my mind, it was the best first date I’ve ever had in my life. Swoon.

Our very first date.

Tonight, my new friend Genifer and I went to see game two of the Reds-Marlins series
(also known Reds baseball game #6 of the season for me)…

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

And we got to see Aroldis Chapman throw…

Great American Ball Park

It was Joey Votto booblehead night. And there was a huge crowd on hand…

Great American Ball Park

And unfortunately, we didn’t get to the ballpark soon enough to get our bobbleheads. 😦

But the Reds scored three runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to tie up the game.

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

Then in the bottom of the tenth, the Reds had the bases loaded with no outs and the Marlins

brought in their center-fielder to play as a fifth infielder. You don’t see that too often.

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

And Edgar Renteria had the walk-off single in the bottom of the tenth. Reds win 4-3!!!

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park

What a great game with some pretty spectacular company.

This was our very first official date. We went on a midweek pre-date to get pizza at Uno in Anderson Township. That went really well and we decided to go ahead with tonight’s actual first date at the Reds game.



What a gorgeous afternoon!

I can’t wait to take in the ballgame later. 🙂

NOTE: I migrated all of the blog posts from our old blog at Thadd+Friends to our new blog here on T+G. Now T+G is an active archive containing every blog post since Genifer and I had our first date on April 30th, 2011.

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