One year ago.

One year ago, we were just figuring out how to work from home…

Fast forward a year, and I’ve really fine tuned my little work space…

I have my little set-up down pat. It’s a pretty functional space. It’s going to be really hard to go back to working in an office. Thankfully, it sounds like it’s still going to be a while until we have to go back to commuting to an office. They are projecting a return in September at the earliest now. 😀🏡💻❤️

One year of working from home.

Today marks one year of working from home…

It’s going to be really hard to go back to the office after the last year.


Just random links.

We’ve decided to move this list of links and random content from a pinned post on our blog to a page. We still plan on updating this page with new and interesting links as I come across them.

You can now find Random links in the header at the top of our blog. Thanks! 😀💻❤️

Five by five.

The powers that be at Grey Midwest thought it would be fun for everyone on the GMW creative team to share a 5×5 presentation about what they’ve been doing at home during the pandemic quarantine when they aren’t working. A 5×5 is five slides in five minutes. Each slide is supposed to be about a different topic.

Five slides felt kinda restrictive so I made this little iMovie instead…

This was my first experience with iMovie. And I think it turned out pretty okay. 😀🎥❤️

Pause for paws.

Oscar was just hanging out in the office with me this morning. 😀🐾❤️

Just hanging out again.

Oscar was hanging out with me in our office again this afternoon…

He loves sitting on the arm of the sofa and looking out the window…

He’s so dang cute. 😀🐾❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. This is week seven of working from home. 😷🌄❤️

Exactly the same.

Have you noticed that every COVID-19 commercial is exactly the same?

I’m pretty tired of every company telling me that we’re living in “uncertain times”, but that “we’re here for you.” They then say their top priority is “people” and “families” by bringing their services to the “comfort and safety of your home.” And don’t forget: “we’re all in this together!” Together during these unprecedented times. Somber piano is having its moment in the spotlight. Now, more than ever. it’s here for you. And we’ll get through this. #Together.

And it’s all starting to get really annoying. 😷🦠❤️

UPDATE: I saw this commercial last night…

It’s the best COVID-19 commercial I’ve seen so far. Other than this one from MNUFC…

Pure class.

Working from home: Day 27.

By my estimation, this is my 27th day working from home. I feel like I’ve really been hitting my stride, developing a really good rhythm and a great routine. And our little home office is becoming more and more functional every day….

It’s not too bad sitting here and working all day…

Not too bad at all. 😀🏡💻❤️

Conference Call Bingo.

Someone in the Grey New York office put together this conference call bingo sheet…

It’s funny because it’s true. 😀💻❤️

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