Downtown details.

Standing at the corner of Plum and Fourth Streets looking east. 😀🏙️❤️

Happy National Croissant Day.

Today was National Croissant Day. I had mine with sausage, egg, and cheese…

And I got chocolate milk to go with my sammich…

Caffe Barrista on Fourth Street has amazing breakfast sammiches. 😀🥐❤️

Genifer usually drops me off at work right around 8:30 in the morning. I dropped my backpack at my desk, walked down Fourth Street to get my haircut, walked back down Fourth Street to get a breakfast sammich and got back to work before most people had even set foot in the building. It’s kind of crazy how both Genifer and I have transitioned to become morning people. And I like it.

Downtown details.

Looking up at Carew Tower from the corner of Fourth and Vine Streets in downtown Cincinnati on my way to catch the bus home. 😀🏙️❤️

Downtown details.

Historic West Fourth Street. 😀🏙️❤️

On the opposite corner of Elm and Fourth Streets is Caffe Barrista. They make the best sausage, egg, and cheese croissant breakfast sammiches…

I really like Caffe Barrista a lot. And they have really great salads…

And great cookies too.

Part of a building collapsed.

Early this afternoon on Fourth Street the sixth floor of a building under construction suffered a partial collapse

The part that collapsed is right at the base of the tower crane…

Unfortunately, reports said that multiple people were injured in the collapse. Cincinnati Police said one person has died, and Cincinnati Fire & EMS were still searching for at least two more victims. It’s really sad and pretty scary stuff.

The structural integrity of the rest of the building was being assessed. The bottom of the building was slated to be a new parking garage with an apartment community situated atop of the garage. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable living in a building where a section of one of the floors collapsed. But that’s just me. 😬🚧❤️

On a more upbeat Constructing Cincinnati note, a new Asian fusion restaurant has opened at the corner of Seventh and Walnut Streets called e+o

Progress continues on the building across the street from where I used to work

Kitty’s Coffee on Fourth Street.

This morning we stopped at the new Kitty Coffee on Fourth Street

The space was kind of cold inside…

We both had caramel lattes. They were pretty good. But we think we’ll stick with our Sidewinder Coffee during the week. 😀☕️❤️

Downtown details.

I was walking down Fourth Street and noticed that the fur store was no longer open…

It’s always pretty nice to see a fur store go out of business for whatever reason.

Also, who knew that Historic West Fourth Street had its own logo?

And it’s not a bad logo at all. Who knew? 😀🦊4⃣❤️

Hello Fourth Street.

I was looking north out the windows at work admiring downtown Cincinnati and something caught my eye on the next street over there on Fourth Street…

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on over there. But it’s making me smile. 😀🙂🙃🤣❤️

Seen and noted.

On Fourth Street in downtown Cincinnati is Main Auction Galleries. When I walk by their storefront, there is usually something pretty interesting in their windows. Case in point today, there was a complete set of Japanese samurai armor…

How cool is that? 😀🇯🇵❤️

Downtown details.

Most days Genifer picks me up from work. But on Tuesday and Friday evenings, I ride the bus home. I leave work and walk down Fourth Street. I walk by this construction site with TWO tower cranes…

And the future site of a Kitty’s Coffee…

Fourth Street has a lot of pretty architecture…

We’ll have to check out Aster sometime soon…

I walk down Fourth Street to Walnut Street. And as I walk up Walnut, I walk by the Renaissance Hotel

I wait for the bus at Government Square. And when I get on the bus, it goes right by the building that was getting built across the street from where I used to work

It’s grown considerably since I moved on to much greener pastures. It’s grown to six floors now in just over six weeks. It’s not a bad walk across downtown at all.

I’ll have to do a better job of documenting my walk down Fourth Street to catch the bus at Government Square. 😀🏙️🚧❤️

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