Downtown details.

It was cold outside today. I was going to walk through the Skywalk to avoid the cold on my way to the bus. On my way to the Skywalk, I noticed that the Millenium Hotel was closed and undergoing a liquidation sale…

I walked through the Hyatt Regency up to the second floor across The Skywalk over to Carew Tower. Carew Tower was having their 2020 Fight For Air Climb to support the American Lung Association by climbing the 804 Stairs over 45 floors of Carew Tower…

I was going to continue on through the Skywalk from Carew Tower across Fifth Street to Fountain Place but that portion Skywalk was closed…

I left Carew Tower and noticed the skating rink on Fountain Square had been taken down, just as it’s starting to feel like actual skating weather…

The Booksellers on Fountain Square is closed now…

Looking inside Fountain Place everything is closed. And that made me wonder what happened to Palomino up on the second floor

I went to see if Palomino was still there and it didn’t look good…

And Palomino’s gone and that’s pretty sad. I was happy to see that the Toynbee Tile was still on Seventh Street

And I noticed that there was a new-to-me Artworks mural on the side of the Hustler just a little ways down Seventh Street…

I walked by Deskey and they removed the mantra they had on their front windows

I always thought the mantra was kind of ridiculous. The almost full moon was already starting to pop out from behind the buildings…

And the exterior of the building at the corner of Eighth and Main Streets looked really close to being completed…

It’s interesting to me how much things can change downtown over just a few months but also just how much things stay the same. And the only real constant is change.

Downtown details.

Looking up at Carew Tower from the corner of Fourth and Vine Streets in downtown Cincinnati on my way to catch the bus home. 😀🏙️❤️

Downtown details.

I just love this view from the ninth floor of 302 West Third Street…

And I also love looking up at Carew Tower as I’m walking down Fourth Street on my way to catch the Metro 17 bus home…

Good evening from downtown Cincinnati. 😀🌇❤️

Oh, and the little #CincyStreetBot in the crosswalk at Walnut and Seventh Streets doesn’t look like it’s holding up so well…


It looks a lot like Christmas.

When I got to work this morning, the lobby of 302 West Third was beautifully decorated for the holidays…

Later, I ran out to get something for lunch and stopped to admire the tree in the atrium at the Westin Hotel across from Fountain Square…

And the tree in Carew Tower…

I was walking in what was left of downtown Cincinnati’s Skywalk and noticed that the escalators in Carew Tower that were always broken had been replaced with stairs…

And the Hyatt Regency had a pretty tree too…

On my way to the bus after work, I stopped to admire the holiday window display at Bromwell’s on Fourth Street…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in downtown Cincinnati. 😀🎄🎅❤️

Downtown Big Boy.

The corner of downtown I work in is somewhat of a food void. There just isn’t a lot in the southwest corner of downtown’s Central Business District as far as food options go. Even when we lived downtown, we didn’t even go over to that corner of downtown because there isn’t much there. At all. But today, I ventured out to try to find something for lunch. After wandering for a bit, I ended up at the relatively new Frisch’s Big Boy in Carew Tower… 

I ended up getting a patty melt and fries to go…

And it was pretty good stuff. I have a feel Big Boy might become one of my new go-to places when I need to run out to get something to eat for lunch. 😀🍔🍟❤️

Checking out the WyzeCams.

We had an extra WyzeCam just laying around the house so I took it to work with me and pointed out the window at my desk so we could watch the sky over Carew Tower

It’s a pretty nice view. Good morning from downtown Cincinnati. 😀📷🏙️❤️

Carew Tower gets the All-Star Game treatment.

We went over to Fountain Square to see a 30-story image of a vintage Red Stockings player get projected onto the side of Carew Tower for the first time this evening…
This brightness of the image was a little disappointing but it’s still pretty dang cool. 🙂

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