Deskey Water Games.

We’re celebrating hydration this month at Deskey. This afternoon we paused to play some water games out in our parking lot…

We have some fun. 💧😀💦


We are working on a visual identity for a client that is all about the community of Cincinnati. We are partnering with Elementz, Cincinnati’s Hip Hop youth center. It’s essentially an urban arts center where inner city kids can gather and create anything from hip-hop to street dance, spoken word poetry to street art, photography and visual arts. We’re teaming up with four Elementz students for inspirational design to ensure our identity is representative of the community. The students were asked to use their creative platform of choice to develop a concept that represents their community.

This afternoon we got to meet with the students and tour Elementz…

Those are some very super talented kids. And Elementz space is pretty amazing. It’ll be great to work with this group and see what we can come up with together. 😀

To remember.

Our chief sanity officer sent this out this morning, and I thought it was very powerful…


Today marks the anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 1944). Starting in 1993, Charles
Schulz ran this comic to commemorate the beginning of the liberation of Western
Europe during WWII. Schulz died in 2000, but newspapers that still run “Peanuts”
still run this comic.


Happy National Doughnut Day!

Today was National Doughnut Day! And miraculously, two big boxes of delicious Holtman’s Donuts showed up in our office this morning!

And there was also a sizeable assortment of doughnuts from Marcella’s

Why can’t every day be National Doughnut Day? 😁 🍩 😍 ❤️

Who has it better than us?

We finally upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud at work. And after updating and syncing all my devices, I stopped to take a photo of my set-up at work…

The only thing that wasn’t pictured that’s normally on my desk as well was my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And I just found out today that work is going start paying for my monthly Metro bus passes!

Who has it better than us? 🙂

Holtman’s donuts.

When a box of Holtman’s donuts magically appeared at work in the morning, it quickly became one of the best Fridays ever…

I love Holtman’s donuts. Taken with Instagram❤️ 🍩 😁

Deskey details.

The week started off with two ginormous Deskey donuts from Holtman’s celebrating a new team member joining the fam!

We were super busy this week so one day they brought us all Eli’s BBQ for lunch…

And chicken sammiches with mac&cheese from The Eagle

And there was also an entire catered lunch from Iris Book Cafe but I forgot to get a photo of them. It was pretty nice to not have to worry about lunch for a few days.
Who has it better than us?

A morning surprise.

A box of Holtman’s donuts found its way into our office this morning…

And I was like, #eatallthedonuts. They’re so delicious.  Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Rooted Juicery and Kitchen.

We had lunch catered in from Rooted Juicery and Kitchen in Oakley. Rooted aims to provide their customers the most delicious and health-packed plant based foods possible. I ordered the burrito wrap. It was brown rice, Mexican beans, pickled onions, guacamole, pico, romaine, cabbage, walnut “taco” meat, cashew cheese & bbq sauce…

It was surprisingly good for being entirely plant-based. It would have been outstanding with some chicken or real taco meat. But I guess that’s not really their thing. I also had a blissful blend drink…

The drink was outstanding. I could drink a couple of those everyday. It’s good to try different things every now and then. Especially when it’s free. 🙂

Deskey holiday luncheon.

Today was the annual Deskey holiday luncheon

We had roast beast and mashed potatoes catered in for lunch…

Delicious stuff! My contribution to the Deskey white elephant gift exchange was this silly cute Starbucks barista bear and a $10 Starbucks gift card…

I ended up with a pet rock shaped like a turtle. :/ How adorable were these cookies…

It was another really fun afternoon at a great company. 🙂

The Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was Deskey’s holiday party at The Frock in Covington…

After the party, we stopped at Braxton Brewing Company for a beer. It was a great night celebrating the holidays with some really great people. 🙂

Deskey Thanksgiving Potluck.

Today, we had our Thanksgiving Potluck at work…

It was quite the spread with some really delicious flavors. 🙂

Pizzeria Locale for a good cause.

To celebrate their car passing over 200,000 miles on the odometer and not having any more car payments, Becky and Bob generously bought all of Deskey lunch from at Pizzeria Locale, a new Chipotle-style chain pizza joint in Kenwood…


It was really good stuff! Pizzeria Locale was having a promotion today where if you mentioned UpSpring (a non-profit that works to keep Greater Cincinnati children experiencing homelessness connected to their education), the organization received 50%. And the pizza pie was delicious too! That’s what I call a win-win! 😁🙌🍕

Cincinnati Streetcar.

It feels like it’s been forever in the making. There were all the politics and then the construction, awaiting the arrival of the cars, then putting them on the rails and driving around for months on end without any passengers. But starting on September 9th, you’ll actually be able to ride the Cincinnati Streetcar, ahem… Cincinnati Bell Connector around downtown and Over-the-Rhine. This morning Deskey got an informative crash-course in Streetcar safety from the City of Cincinnati…

They also showed a bunch of super cute videos. I’m not even going to lie, I was initially very skeptical about the whole idea of the Streetcar. I thought it was an awful lot of money for a route that people could very easily bike or walk. But like they say, if you can’t beat them, join ’em. I’m excited to ride the Streetcar because it expands my lunch options exponentially. It’ll be pretty cool to be able to hop on one of these guys to ride up to Findlay Market, Taft’s Ale House or down to The Banks to get lunch…

And who knows maybe some day before we’re old and grey, the Cincinnati Streetcar
CB Connector will connect Northside and downtown. But I’m not holding my breath. 🙂

Celebrating big wins.

We were celebrating big wins this morning at Deskey…


🍾 🙂

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