The Jetta is back!

Our VW Jetta GLI is back home and it’s running great again…

AAA/Bob Sumerall did a really great job replacing my alternator. And it was actually much more responsible than I thought it would be. Our Jetta GLI is still a really great car. But I’m just beginning to wonder if we really need two cars. We’ve hardly driven it since Genifer got her new Audi Q3 back in November. 😀🚗❤️

Watch that first step.

They were working on the elevator today at work…

Have you ever looked up a six-floor elevator shaft before?

Me either. Watch that first step. It’s a doozie. Taken with Instagram. 😀🆙❤️

Our VW Jetta GLI.

We got our VW Jetta GLI into the shop today to have the check engine light looked at…

And now we’re up and running again. They had to replace the thermostat and a valve that had an slight oil leak. I got to hang out over by Xavier pretty much all day and it’s never cheap. But at least it’s fixed again and we’re back on the road. 😀🚘🔧❤️

It’s like a whole new computer.

Last Tuesday, I was updating the operating system on my MacBook from Sierra to High Sierra. The computer went to restart but never powered back on. I tried every keyboard command and trick I could find online. I chatted with Apple support and we couldn’t get it to reboot so this afternoon I brought it to the sea of humanity that is the Apple Store at Kenwood Towne Center to see if they could get me back up and running…

Thankful, they got my computer to power on again. They replaced the battery in my MacBook, and now it’s like a whole brand new computer again! 😀🍏💻🔋❤️

Our VW Jetta GLI.

Yesterday morning, our VW Jetta GLI wouldn’t start. Luckily, we could use Genifer’s mom car to get to work. And wouldn’t you know it, our Jetta started right up when I got home from work. I made an appointment to get it looked at this morning and we dropped it off on our way to work. It needed a new battery. I also had them replace the front tires, rear brakes and got it a 50,000-mile tune-up. And it was all set to be picked up this afternoon. I got to ride a new bus, Metro’s Rt. 4 to go pick up our Jetta right by Xavier’s Cintas Center. It was a piece of cake…

It’s been such a great car. I love it every bit as much now as I did when I first got it almost 9 years ago…

It’s good to have it back. Hopefully, it’ll be good to go for another 50,000 miles! 😀🚘❤️

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