Celebrating 90 years of Deskey.

This year Deskey is celebrating their 90th anniversary. And this afternoon, we kicked off our Deskey 90th anniversary with a little party at the noodle bar, t-shirts and fancy new nameplates…

Throughout the year Deskey will be celebrating the amazing things that have happened in the last 90 years at Deskey Branding. A lot can happen in 90 years—actually, a lot can happen with 90 of anything. We love what we do, and we want to share it with you. And because we know how amazing 90 is, we want to say thanks to you by giving back. We know that we are here because of you, and it’s time to say thank you. Join us this year on this page and on social media to follow all the ways we are celebrating this milestone.

Snazzy new 90th branded nameplates…

Follow Deskey as we celebrate 90 amazing years all year long. 😀🖐️❤️

Anyone know how to fix an arcade game?

It’s mainly on Fridays that I really wish the Super Pac-Man machine in our office was fully functional and not just for looks…

It would be a nice way to wind down the work week. SO if anyone knows how to fix an arcade that would be great. Just asking for a friend. Taken with Instagram. 😀👻☠️❤️

Looking up the shaft.

They’re working on the elevator at work this morning…

Have you ever looked up a six-floor elevator shaft before?

Yeah. Me either. Looks like I’m going to be taking the stairs today. It’s a good thing my hips are feeling so much better now. Taken with Instagram. 😀⬆️🆙❤️

Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was the Deskey holiday party, and this year it was held at Deskey…

Musical entertainment was provided by Moonshine and Wine

And dinner was provided by Gabby’s Cafe in Wyoming

It was another very fun holiday party. 😀🎉❤️

Deskey White Elephant Potluck.

Today was Deskey’s annual White Elephant Potluck Gift Exchange. And all sorts of delicious food made its way into the office for the event…

And of course, there were plenty of desserts too…

After everyone was done stuffing their faces, it was time for the main event…

The big foam fist beer koozie was brought in by our intern and was the hit of exchange. The pile of gifts kept getting smaller and smaller…

Finally, it was my turn. I ended up with this crazy detailed hippo serving tray…

And it goes perfectly with all the other items I’ve accumulated from the Deskey White Elephant Potluck gift exchanges throughout the years…

It was another very fun Deskey White Elephant Potluck. 😀🎁❤️

Winding down another work week.

I’m packing up my workspace and calling it a week. I’m heading home for a three-day weekend. They gave us Monday off for a holiday shopping day. And they gave us a nice holiday bonus for our shopping. So that’s pretty nice. 😀💻❤️

Happy Halloween!

All these Donald Deskey bobbleheads were dressed up for today’s holiday, and I thought it would make a cute Halloween post on Instagram…

But I wrong. And was told to take it down. The reason was the left bobblehead’s red smock was actually a cape. I was told he looked like he was at the barber shop. And it was embarrassing. I was also told the ghost’s name around the base of the bobblehead was inappropriate and we definitely don’t want to post that. Yeah, I can’t read it either.

The good news is it only took me nine photos to get the one I would end up posting…

You try to do something fun for Halloween. 😶🤔👻❤️

The breakfast of champions.

I’m back on a cereal kick at work because cereal is the breakfast of champions…

Probably not this cereal. I think the breakfast of champions is actually Wheaties or something. But I was eating Apple Jacks this morning because I happen to really like Apple Jacks. It’s one of my favorite cereals. 😀🥣❤️

Taken with Instagram.

This afternoon we brainstormed big ideas for Deskey’s upcoming milestone birthday…

Taken with Instagram. 😀💻🎂🎉❤️

Deskey fall barbeque weenie roast.

We had a fall barbeque weenie roast potluck sort of thing at Deskey this afternoon

It made for a pretty fun Friday at work. 😀🌭🔥❤️

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