Grey Midwest’s Holiday Party.

Grey Midwest rented out all of 16-Bit Bar+Arcade in OtR for our Holiday Party

I didn’t take many photos at the holiday party at all. But it was really fun. I’m glad we went. There was all sorts of amazing little foods, lotsa drinks, some socializing and a whole bunch of button smashing. We beat the Final Fight video game. We played some Spy Hunter and a bunch of Rampage. Rampage was my jam back on Sega Genesis. I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to play any Dig Dug. A while back we were out with a friend of ours, and she had never heard of Mortal Kombat. Can you believe that? It’s crazy. There were like three Mortal Kombat games and even a couple of movies. Anyway, there was Mortal Kombat 3 right there…

We stayed at the party until it ended. After the party, we dodged the raindrops to walk around the corner to Longfellow’s Other Room for a couple of rum cocktails…

So. Much. Rum…

And then we hopped in an Uber and headed home. It turned out to be another pretty fun Friday night out in Over-the-Rhine. 😀👾🥃❤️

Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was the Deskey holiday party, and this year it was held at Deskey…

Musical entertainment was provided by Moonshine and Wine

And dinner was provided by Gabby’s Cafe in Wyoming

It was another very fun holiday party. 😀🎉❤️

Deskey White Elephant Potluck.

Today was our annual White Elephant Holiday party potluck at Deskey

There was a really nice spread for the Deskey holiday potluck…

After lunch, it was time for the Deskey White Elephant holiday gift exchange…

I drew lucky number one…

I would get to open the first gift and make the very last trade to end the game. The first gift I opened was the card game, Exploding Kittens

We played Exploding Kittens at The Rook in OtR and thought it was really a lot of fun. But I didn’t get to hold onto it for very long. It was taken from me and in its place, I ended up with this really sweet painting…

And then I lost that and ended up with a Pixel & Timber t-shirt, a bottle of Tito’s vodka dressed in an adorable little Tito’s sweater and this little vintage bucket…

Then I was severely downgraded to a box containing three rolls of toilet paper, a “That’s How I Roll” unicycle t-shirt and matching unicycle pint glass…

Since I had the first choice I got to end the game and swap my box of toilet paper with any gift that had been opened. And I choose to reclaim my Exploding Kittens

It was a really fun White Elephant holiday gift exchange party. 😀🎄🎁🐱🐼🍸🚽🐱❤️

The Deskey holiday party x Hightail.

Tonight, we hopped in an Uber and headed up into Mount Adams to Chapter for this year’s Deskey holiday party

It’s been ages since we were last in Mount Adams...

For whatever reason, I always sort of dread holiday parties, But I always end up having a really good time. And this party was no exception. It was a very good time. After the party was over, we went across the street to check out the newest 4EG bar, Hightail

It’s another great 4EG bar. They have so many great bars around Cincinnati. We wish they would open one or two in Northside. Great night. 😀📖🍺🍻🐳❤️

The Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was Deskey’s holiday party at The Frock in Covington…

After the party, we stopped at Braxton Brewing Company for a beer. It was a great night celebrating the holidays with some really great people. 🙂

The Deskey holiday party.

Tonight was Deskey’s holiday party at Rhinegeist in Over-the-Rhine. We walked up to Washington Park to check out December’s edition of The City Flea before the party got underway. On our way walking up to Washington Park, we were passed by the Holiday Bright Ride

It was ridiculous just how many people were at Washington Park for The City Flea and the lighting of the Washington Park holiday tree. It was hard to even move. So we packed it in pretty quickly, and grabbed an Uber from in front of Music Hall up Elm Street to Rhinegeist

There was a big cornhole tournament…

We didn’t compete. We aren’t very good at cornhole. At all. And just like at work, I’m the wearer of many hats…

We were pretty blown away with just how big Rhingeist was inside…

It was a great party. We were really glad we went. 🙂

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