Grey Midwest’s Holiday Party.

Grey Midwest rented out all of 16-Bit Bar+Arcade in OtR for our Holiday Party

I didn’t take many photos at the holiday party at all. But it was really fun. I’m glad we went. There was all sorts of amazing little foods, lotsa drinks, some socializing and a whole bunch of button smashing. We beat the Final Fight video game. We played some Spy Hunter and a bunch of Rampage. Rampage was my jam back on Sega Genesis. I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to play any Dig Dug. A while back we were out with a friend of ours, and she had never heard of Mortal Kombat. Can you believe that? It’s crazy. There were like three Mortal Kombat games and even a couple of movies. Anyway, there was Mortal Kombat 3 right there…

We stayed at the party until it ended. After the party, we dodged the raindrops to walk around the corner to Longfellow’s Other Room for a couple of rum cocktails…

So. Much. Rum…

And then we hopped in an Uber and headed home. It turned out to be another pretty fun Friday night out in Over-the-Rhine. 😀👾🥃❤️

A Saturday in OtR.

This afternoon we rode the Metro 17 bus into Over-the-Rhine…

We walked through beautiful Washington Park

And over to one of very our favorite OtR spots, Queen City Radio

We got a couple delicious of Queen City Radio Whip Burgers and fries…

And we did some St. Patty’s Day celebrating…

QCR had green jello shots. Green jello shots are my favorite…

And then we walked over to Cobblestone OtR. We’d never been there before…

It’s a pretty fun little neighborhood watering hole…

And we stopped by another one of our favorite spots, Sundry and Vice

We walked by 16-bit but it looked crazy in there…

So we got an Uber and headed for home…

It was another really fun evening in OtR. 😀🍺❤️

A Saturday afternoon in OtR.

This afternoon we caught an Uber down into Over-the-Rhine. Our friend Chris just had a birthday and his wife, Tayler was throwing him a bar-hopping surprise party that started at Rhinegeist

Decisions, decisions…

We got down to Rehinegeist a little bit early so we could finally check out their rooftop…

The Rhinegeist rooftop patio…

It’s super nice up there. But we went back downstairs to get some food. Rhinegiest’s taproom is on something like the third or fourth floor of the building. On the first floor is Sartre, the hottest restaurant & bar according to Zagat. Two things on a side note, the hottest restaurant and bar just sounds really uncomfortable and sweaty. And Zagat also said Steak ‘n Shake had the #1 rated milkshake. Steak ‘n Shake. So I think you should really take their recommendations with a grain of salt. But I digress, Sartre. In addition to having a restaurant and bar on the first floor, Sartre also has a kiosk in Rhinegeist’s taproom that I should have taken a photo of but didn’t. They take your order at the kiosk and Sartre sends your food up to the taproom in oversized banking tubes, and they call it tube food. That’s awesome! And I’m so mad that I didn’t take any photos of the kiosk or the tubes. But Genifer ordered a pretzel and I got a burger. And here it is…

And that was one really terrific burger…

So, sooo good. Rhinegeist really fills up on a Saturday afternoon…

On May 15th, National Dinosaur Day was Jurassic Geist at the Rhinegiest Taproom…

According to a tweet I saw in celebration of World Dinosaur Day, Cincy Museum Center teamed with Rhinegeist to display their 50-foot Galeamopus dinosaur in public for the first time! This YouTube video shows the process of putting together a 150-million-year-old dinosaur! We’ll definitely have to get back down to Rhinegeist to see the dinosaur and get some photos of tube food…

From Rhinegeist, we walked over to Taft’s Ale House

Then we swung through Sundry and Vice before heading to Mecca OtR


From there, we made our way to 16-bit

And they had Slush Puppie drinks…

And then we stopped into Longfellow

And then it was onto Rhinehaus to watch the end of FC Cincinnati’s 4-1 loss away to Charlotte Independence. Everyone headed to 4EG’s newest bar, Rosedale. Rosedale was stupid packed. And somewhere between point A and point B, we got separated from our group. We tried to track them down but to no avail. So we hopped in an Uber and headed back to Northside where we stopped at Higher Gravity for a nightcap. It was a really fun afternoon and evening of bar hopping in Over-the-Rhine. 😀🍺🍻🥃🍸🍹❤️


It’s a sign.

After the FC Cincinnati match, we met some friends at 16-Bit in Over-the-Rhine…

Always good times at 16-Bit. Taken with Instagram. 🙂

16-Bit Bar+Arcade.

We made our first visit to the new retro watering hole offering classic arcade games, old-school cocktails and an awesome beer selection, 16-Bit Bar+Arcade on Walnut Street in Over-the-Rhine…
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
They had a whole bunch of the classics. We played some Dig-Dug…
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
Some Tapper…
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
And Spy Hunter…
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
And one of my favorites from our Atari 2600, Missle Command…
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit Bar+Arcade
16-Bit is such an awesome place. And they have so many of the classics. I can’t wait to make another trip back. Maybe one day during the week when it’s just a little less busy. Nonetheless, awesome place that brings back so many fun memories. 🙂
Click to see all the photos I took at 16-Bit Bar+Arcade.

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