Happy Halloween!

All these Donald Deskey bobbleheads were dressed up for today’s holiday, and I thought it would make a cute Halloween post on Instagram…

But I wrong. And was told to take it down. The reason was the left bobblehead’s red smock was actually a cape. I was told he looked like he was at the barber shop. And it was embarrassing. I was also told the ghost’s name around the base of the bobblehead was inappropriate and we definitely don’t want to post that. Yeah, I can’t read it either.

The good news is it only took me nine photos to get the one I would end up posting…

You try to do something fun for Halloween. 😶🤔👻❤️

Deskey details.

Recently, I was put in charge of Deskey’s Instagram. I’ve been trying to collect photos from around work to use in Instagram posts. I also started my own personal work-related Instagram, @Dsgn_Life to post the other things not relevant enough for the official Deskey Instagram or more personal to my everyday experiences at Deskey…

Recently, Deskey officially became part of downtown Cincinnati’s brand new Eighth Street Design District. And there’s a sign in front of the building to prove it…

The Deskey mantra is on the front windows of the building…

In the foyer is the ongoing Deskey Hand Culture Project. Everyone contributed their own personal tchotchke to be displayed…

This was my contribution. One of the magnets we made for our wedding

Our lobby…

Personal. Simple. True. They are the words we live by at Deskey…

PERSONAL defines everything we do. We’re humans relating to humans, so we seek the shared values that connect us. SIMPLE ideas are memorable, easily spread and can change the world. We distill ideas to the most instinctive form possible. TRUE is being authentic and transparent. Follow your beliefs, embrace your principles, and you’ll attract those who do the same.

And we celebrated a couple of big wins…

The second had really odd ingredients to celebrate a new client from up north…

I’m excited to get to share more about Deskey through Instagram. You can see all the photos I’ve uploaded from Deskey in my Deskey Flickr album. 😀📷❤️

Donald Deskey on CBS Sunday Morning.

Our company’s namesake, Donald Deskey was featured on CBS Sunday Morning

“Sunday Morning” looks back at the career of Donald Deskey, an advertising man, and designer behind New York City’s Art Deco showcase (and of many consumer products), who died on April 29, 1989 at the age of 94.

And via the Deskey website…

Donald Deskey pioneered the idea that design shapes modern life. He designed Radio City Music Hall and helped reinvent the humble chair. When he saw the need for clarity in the supermarket, he helped invent modern branding. By building from core shared values, he created enduring brands that inspire us to this day.
We are his people.

And I’m proud to call myself one of his people. 😀👍❤️

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