Another day of pretty skies.

It was another very pretty morning…

We walked to the end of the path atop the hill at the end of our street to watch the sunrise this morning…

Good morning from Northside…

As soon as I’m done working for the day, we’ve been trying to go in the backyard to play ball in our backyard while it’s still light outside. We collected all the tennis balls and put then in this bin. I didn’t realize that we’d accumulated so many tennis balls…

I like this bin because it has open slats across the bottom. Hopefully when it rains, the rain water will rinse some of the dirt off the balls and then drain away.

Bear does an amazing job of bringing his tennis ball back to you. He wants to play with only one ball the entire time we’re in the backyard. If you try to throw him a different ball, he’ll wait for the ball he’s been playing with. Mack is just the opposite. Mack will chase a ball, leave it and then come running back so you can throw him a different tennis ball…

They really love their tennis balls. Oscar doesn’t really care about tennis balls.

They also love their evening walks…

And good evening from Northside…

We finished Ratched on Netflix. It was pretty good, a bit odd but pretty good.

But gosh. It was almost 80º today and the skies were just so pretty all day. I’d definitely take days like today everyday. 😀🌄🐾🎾❤️

Hello Fourth Street.

I was looking north out the windows at work admiring downtown Cincinnati and something caught my eye on the next street over there on Fourth Street…

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on over there. But it’s making me smile. 😀🙂🙃🤣❤️

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