Three years ago, we were celebrating our anniversary in Dominican Republic…

And four years ago, we were still in Jamaica…

Good times. Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Timehop. 😀🦕❤️

And we’re back.

We’re back from celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary for six days and five nights on New Providence Island in the Bahamas. We flew into Nassau and stayed at Warwick Paradise Island. It was a wonderful, all-inclusive resort. We definitely recommend it. We had a great room that had the most magical sunrises. Warwick had a beautiful pool and all sorts of great food and drinks. And there was this terrific little donkey statue at the buffet that I just fell in love with. We did a bunch of relaxing by the pool. We walked around all the little shop of Marina Village at Atlantis, wandered around downtown Nassau, had a beer at two different Pirate Republic Brewing taprooms, visited The Versaille Gardens and the Cloister, we got to hang out on Cabbage Beach and enjoyed a mini Junkanoo Parade at Warwick.
It was such a wonderful trip and Paradise Island was just so beautiful.

The only down part was the temperature wasn’t as warm as we thought it’d be. Actually, it was in the mid-70s for our entire trip. The temperature wasn’t bad at all. But we didn’t anticipate near-constant 20mph winds that you just couldn’t escape. And the winds made it a bit chilly. My favorite purchase in the Bahamas was a $30 hoodie I found at a little shop called Beach Hut just outside of Marina Village. It’s a great hoodie.

We had our hashtag #gtfBahamas2020 and all our photos are up on Flickr. And I even posted a few little videos to YouTube.

We’re just really happy that we had the chance to getaway for a few days. And we’ll definitely be back to the Bahamas someday.

It was just wonderful. 😀🏖️❤️

After these messages…

We’ll be right back. We’re going to Nassau in the Bahamas to celebrate our anniversary.

Follow along on our Instagrams, our Flickr, and our YouTube. 😀🗺️❤️

Forecastle Fest 2020.

They released the 2020 lineup this morning for Forecastle Fest

And it looks like we’ll be heading back to Louisville this summer to see Jack Johnson play on Friday! Plus both the Louisville Bats and Louisville City FC play at home on Saturday. It’s already shaping up for another fun weekend in July! 😀🗺️🎶❤️

600 Timehops in a row.

Yesterday was 599th Timehop in a row…

So that means today was my 600th Timehop in a row…

There’s been some really good stuff lately in my Timehop…

Six years ago, we were on vacation in Puerto Rico

And there was this photo of the bud dog…

Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Timehop. 😀🦕❤️

Happy National Plan for Vacation Day!

Today is National Plan for Vacation Day! And we planned a vacation to go to Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas at the end of February…

We’ll be staying at Warwick Paradise Island – Bahamas. And we’re so very excited!

Louisville is pretty awesome.

We had such a good time in Louisville this weekend. Our hotel was right across the street from KFC Yum Center. It was the perfect location for our trip. On Friday, we walked to Lousiville’s Waterfront Park where we saw The Killers at Forecastle and had some incredible Louisville-style pizza from Bearno’s afterward. On Saturday, we walked to get coffee from Please&Thank You. We were just going to get coffee and go back to the hotel. But we wandered off to find a house close by where Thomas Edison lived for a year when he was nineteen and then proceeded to stumble upon three breweries within a few blocks of each other… Falls City, Akasha, and Goodwood. We made it back to the hotel to rest and change before we headed back out to walk over to Against the Grain Brewing at Lousiville Slugger Field before we watched a Lousiville Bats game and met the Louisville Bat mascot. Afterward, we had more Lousiville-style pizza from Impellizzeri’s. Sunday morning we had breakfast at Dish on Market before heading home. Louisville is just a little over an hour away. We’ll definitely have to come back when Louisville City finish their USL soccer stadium if not sooner. 😀🗺️📷❤️

Who knew Louisville is so dang awesome? And we can’t wait to go back.

Click to see all the photos we took during our weekend in Louisville.

After these messages…

We’ll be right back. We’re going to Louisville for a long weekend to see The Killers…

Follow along on our Instagrams, our Flickr, and our YouTube. 😀🗺️❤️

We have our tickets!

Our tickets showed up for Louisville’s Forecastle Fest in the mail today…

We’re going to see The Killers on Forecastle Friday! 😀🎵❤️

We’re back from our epic road trip!

We made it back to Cincinnati this afternoon…

And we’re back home. We returned our rental SUV. picked up Mack from his kennel and our house survived just fine…

The grass was a bit long. But none the worse for wear. We had a great time on our epic road trip! Over 10 days, we covered almost 1950 miles through seven states.

We hope you followed along on our adventure. If not, check out our Instagrams. All of our photos have been posted and labeled on Flickr. And we even uploaded some videos to our YouTubeIt was a great trip. We had a wonderful time. But it’s really nice to be home. 😀🗺️❤️

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